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Ultimate X Video Poker
Casino Guides 26-01-2021

Everything You Need to Know About Ultimate X Video Poker

Created by IGT, Ultimate X Video Poker is the ultimate way of playing classic Video Poker if you’re looking for an intense ride where the risk versus reward ratio is heavily increased. As you may or may not already know, Video Pokers usually come with a low volatility that keeps your balance steady. Ultimate X […]

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double double bonus poker
Casino Guides 26-01-2021

Everything You Need to Know About Double Double Bonus Poker

Video Pokers come in many different variations and while some players like to settle for the traditional Jacks or Better, others prefer the creativity of Deuces Wild and the extreme volatility in Ultimate X Poker. A ton of people also love Double Double Bonus Poker, which is a very similar game to Jacks or Better, […]

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royal straight flush in video poker
Casino Guides 21-01-2021

Getting a Royal Flush in Video Poker – Everything You Need to Know!

The crème de la crème of almost every poker game is getting a Royal Flush. It’s not only a rare occurrence that can make jaws drop, but hitting a Royal Flush is usually something that will boost a bankroll by a ton. This is certainly the case in Video Pokers, which are simple games with […]

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Casino card games list
Baccarat Guides 15-01-2021

Casino card games list: our top 10

The history of card games goes way back to ancient 9th century China where people used to play with beans that at the time served as cards. Card games were probably first played in Europe somewhere in the 13th century, initially with handmade cards that were only intended for the rich and famous. Today, most […]

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How is Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat played?
Casino News 02-09-2019

The Best poker Variants to play & win – with RTPs & Payouts

Wondering which are the most popular online poker variants? Here are the top poker variants to try and play for fun and a win today. Which is your favourite online poker variant? Poker is the oldest table game in history but it has evolved over time. Over the years, game developers have created a wide […]

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Casino News 28-06-2019

Five Great Reasons Why You Should Play Video Poker

Perhaps you have dreams of hitting it big playing poker in sophisticated online poker rooms or at a live casino for some interaction with the dealer. With all the glamour and cool surrounding online poker, it is easy to forget you can have more straightforward and light-hearted poker fun playing video poker. Find out how […]

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Casino News 28-05-2019

How to choose new favourite casino games

Do you know where or how to find new favourite casino games? Staying updated on the latest casino games will help you be a better player and get more casino wins. Why it is important to try our new favourite casino games Discover new bonuses– With new games being released every day, developers are finding […]

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All Aces Poker by Microgaming review – Enjoy a 99% RTP
Casino Guides 17-01-2019

All Aces Poker by Microgaming review – Enjoy a 99% RTP

You think you have played all poker versions; until you play All Aces Poker by Microgaming. Yes, this is an online casino poker game. –But as the name suggests, it is all about the Aces. Are you ready for a 99.92% RTP?  Overview All Aces poker is a super action version of Jacks or Better. […]

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Casino Guides 02-07-2018

The Top 5 Vegas Casinos: Which Vegas Casino Pays Out the Most?

The first pit stop for visitors in Las Vegas is usually a casino as this is the city where you can find the world’s best slots. There are a lot of other cities in the world that try to compete with Vegas, but very few will come close to the ambiance of The Strip. As […]

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Casino Guides 30-06-2018

How to Play Video Poker Online

Video poker is the ideal casino game for those looking for great odds and for a game that can help them build up their skills. There is a great opportunity to work on your game and learn correct strategies. In addition, it offers better odds than slot games or even many other table games. It […]

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