Free spins with no wagering June 2024

For as long as playing online casino has been a highly popular way to get a dose of simple yet exciting form of entertainment, we as players have been able to benefit from free spin bonuses. Almost every online casino offer them in one way or another. This is great as it allows us to get an extra value from our deposits which can often lead to an increased chance of ending a casino session on the plus side. Some offers are, however, much more valuable than others and among the most lucrative ones you will find free spins with no wagering.

These types of spins are incredibly rewarding for us players as we’re able to instantly cash out the winnings we make from them. Luckily, more and more casinos have begun offering these advantageous spins as a way to compete with other operators. This is one of the reasons why we have created the following page. On this we will guide you to some of the best casinos where you are able to receive free spins with no wagering. If you’re new to these types of spins, we have, however, also included all the information that you could possibly need to know about them, such as how they work and different ways that you can get them.

Casinos offering free spins with no wagering requirement

These days free spins without wagering are pretty common to come across, but only a handful of the offers online come from safe casinos that will give you a high quality experience. Therefore we have created the below list of first class operators that you’re able to receive free spins without wagering requirement. These are all trusted and highly recommended casinos to pay a visit to.

100 Free Spins on Starburst XXXtreme
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200 Free Spins on Starburst XXXtreme!
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What are free spins with no wagering?

As you probably already know, free spins is a bonus offer that gives you a certain amount of spins on a specific slot machine. You spin the reels of the game like you normally would, but instead of paying for the spins yourself you get them for free. With ordinary free spins all winnings made from them will be credited as bonus money that has to be staked a certain amount of times before a withdrawal can be made.

It could for instance be that you win £30 from free spins on Starburst which come with a 30x wagering requirement. In such case you would have to bet a total of £900 before a cash out would be possible to make. As good as it is getting free spins and winning £30 from them, this wagering requirement is always to your disadvantage. Since you’re forced to bet quite a big amount in proportion to your winnings, you will always risk losing your profit before actually being able to cash it out. In the long run this doesn’t matter as the free spins will still benefit you, but short term it’s not always a victory. This is where free spins with no wagering stand out as with these it actually is.

With free spins with no wagering you always keep your winnings

This is a huge advantage and the reason that free spins without wagering allows us to keep winnings to 100% is because there’s no forced play. You don’t have to stake your winnings a certain number of times, but you’re able to cash them out whenever you like. With these types of spins your winnings are always credit as pure cash, which is why they are highly valuable. There is usually only one condition that they come with and that’s actually not a condition of the offer itself, but a general one of the casino.

Your deposit needs to be wagered at least one time

To prevent money laundering, the majority of casinos have a rule that states that every deposit made has to be turned over once before it can be cashed out. This means that you won’t be able to deposit to get free spins without wagering and then instantly withdraw the winnings. In most cases you’d have to do a bit of staking, but turning over your deposit once is really not a big deal and you probably came to play anyway. It’s good to be aware of this though.

Why are free spins with no wagering offered by casinos?

Since free spins without wagering are incredibly valuable it’s a natural thing to question why casinos are offering them. We all know that they aren’t any charity organizations that just love giving money away, but just as most businesses they’re looking to make a profit. As weird as it may sound, offering free spins without wagering is actually a way for them to achieve this.

Twenty years ago it would probably have been a terrible idea and so would offering many other, less valuable bonuses as well. Why? Because back then they didn’t have to, but these days they do. With hundreds if not thousands of different gambling operators, the online casino industry is one of the most competitive business areas in the world. It’s definitely not an easy task to attract players as we thrill seekers have a huge number of options.

What many of us fall for though is bonus offers as they increase our chances of winning and as fun as it is playing casino we all want to win. So the more bonuses and the more valuable ones that a casino is offering, the more likely it is that we will pay it a visit. This is how bonus offers are constantly getting more and more valuable. As a way to get new players and maintain already registered ones, operators are pushing each other to the limits and giving away more and more of their profits through various offers. It’s necessary for them and fantastic for us.

How can I get free spins with no wagering requirements?

There are several different ways that you’re able to get them, including welcome bonuses, campaign offers, good will gifts and rewards from lotteries, slot tournaments and other competitions. The fact is that free spins with no wagering requirements are almost as common to find as normal free spins. You just have to visit the right online casinos.

As with the vast majority of bonus offer, you will often be required to make a deposit to receive your spins. It could for instance be that a welcome bonus or temporary campaign offer is running where a deposit of £20 would be necessary to receive 50 free spins with no wagering. With that being said, there are actually bonus offers that will give you free spins with no wagering without a deposit as well. They’re pretty rare as they’re even more valuable, but at times you can find them as part of welcome bonuses where you receive a small amount of these spins by just having an account created.


Is free spins with no wagering the most valuable type of free spin?

Many consider them to be, but it’s not necessarily true as you’re almost always required to make a deposit. Therefore it could be argued that so called no deposit free spins are slightly more valuable, whereas spins that are both free from wagering and a deposit are the very best ones.

Can winnings from free spins with no wagering be instantly cashed out?

Usually not instantly. The offer itself doesn’t come with any forced wagering, but as a general term most casinos require that you wager your deposit once before a withdrawal can be made. This is to prevent money laundering from happening.

What’s the best way to get free spins without wagering?

Choose one of the casinos that we recommend on this page. Free spins without wagering come in all kinds of promotions so there’s no secret way in getting them, but some operators tend to offer them a lot more than others. Therefore it’s always best to choose one of the casinos that we suggest.