Top 5 Mobile Casinos

When looking for a suitable mobile casino that meets your needs, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the variety of choice and become unsure exactly what to look for when deciding on a gambling platform. The safety and reputation of an online casino site should be the main consideration, however it’s also important to consider what features you should be looking for. Below, we give you a crash course of online casinos for mobile, detailing some of the features you should expect, alongside some requirements you’ll need to keep in mind.

Mr Green Casino Review 2019

100% up to £100

MrGreen is one of the most popular casino brands on the market. It offers a large range of slot games as well table games. - T&Cs Apply

LeoVegas Casino Review 2019

100% match bonus up to £400

LeoVegas Casino is an award-winning casino offering a platform where you can play and win using any device whether mobile, desktop or tablet. - T&Cs Apply

Betsson Casino Review 2019

DEPOSIT & PLAY £25/£100/£200 & GET 25/100/200 CASH SPINS

Betsson casino is without a doubt one, if not the one, leaders within online casino. No other casino brand offers this large range of slots, table games together with massive promotions. With Betsson - you can´t go wrong! - T&Cs Apply

Betsafe Casino Review 2019

DEPOSIT & PLAY £25/£100/£200 & GET 25/100/200 CASH SPINS

Betsafe have managed to offer customer satisfaction with a variety of gameplay from their vast selection of casino games, poker, sports and horse race betting. - T&Cs Apply

Mr Smith Casino Review

Deposit £200 and play with £400

Lovers of British culture from all around the world will enjoy their time at the Mr Simith Casino. - T&Cs Apply

Why Use a Mobile Casino? With recent advancements in technology, it’s easy to see why online mobile casinos are becoming an increasingly popular option for the avid gambler. Accompanying portability with the fun of the casino, playing online is an easy way to enjoy the fun of gaming without the frustration of travel. Adding the convenience of quick access to everything a casino has to offer can aid the social aspect of gambling – allowing you to connect with fellow players at a moments notice and removing the frustrations that coordinating a casino visit can normally cause. Keeping a budget when gambling is an important aspect of the experience to manage, and using mobile casino apps helps with this usually tedious act by having significantly lower buy ins for some game modes, and having a much wider range of tables on offer meaning various skill levels that can accommodate for any player. Removing the pressure of a real life casino, online platforms for gambling provide a relaxed environment for any audience – with the vast amount of available rooms of varying skill levels there’s a game for anyone, accompanied by the social aspect of an in-game chat with both the players and the dealer in specific live streamed game modes. Installing a Mobile Casino app Like with any smartphone app, downloading and using a casino app is an incredibly quick process that anyone with an Android device or Iphone can easily do. Accessing the respective app store for your device, searching for your chosen casino app before downloading and installing the application. Once the app is loaded, usually the entire sign up process can be done entirely from the smartphone or tablet, with the only third party requirement being to access your associated email to validate your account. The app will usually give you a very intuitive walkthrough on how to get up and running once installed, accompanied by an optional run through of the interface. Mobile Casino App Providers On Androids app store alone, there’s enough app providers to suit anyone’s casino needs. However, it’s key to find a reputable and safe site when choosing a platform to use – most highly rated sites will hold accreditation from a gambling body, or from physical casinos. You can usually find information about what awards a casino app holds in their product information, for instance LeoVegas holds three different awards for its casino app, and has a number of certifications from different gambling authorities, ensuring you that the platform you’re using is fair and probability values in place are suitably fair on the customer. Another great source of accreditation for a site is customer reviews – a quick search of a gambling sites name on a search engine can quickly bring any previous problems to light and can give you an end user insight into how the casino functions, along with the occasional bonus of some tips on how to make the most out of the offers and promotions they provide.   High Performance on any Device With hardware becoming obsolete sooner than ever, it’s sometimes challenging to keep up with the demand of new apps and games on the market without updating your phone annually to the latest device. However, in order to accommodate for every user of mobile casino apps, it’s vital for a casino service to make their apps with optimization in mind in both their existing and future products. However, some of the third party games available on particular casino apps may vary in performance across devices – as the development of such games isn’t handled entirely by the casino, the developer may have introduced features that impact performance.

Mobile Casino Games Despite the premium feel in most physical casinos, they have a major flaw in comparison to an online solution. Their physical size in some cases can limit the number of options they can have open to customers – during busy hours in a casino, you can in some circumstances expect to wait to play on a table for some time due to all dealers being busy with a game, or all tables being full. This alongside possible waits for other popular slots or games can hinder the experience of a real life casino. In a casino app, you can experience the same social aspect present in a casino thanks to live games, but with a much lower wait time thanks to an increased number of dealers working at a time, essentially unlimited slots capacity and a much smoother experience overall. Mobile casinos offer a wide array of classic games, such as blackjack or poker, but also include some more unique titles, such as different types of mobile games integrated into the casino, with the added opportunity to make money whilst playing and beating scores or completing objectives. Accompanied by differently themed traditional casino games – various slots which are unique in their game-play but still hold true to the expected mechanics of a slots game, giving you a rich variety of games to play.   Casino bonuses Like any service, promotional offers and deals are a cornerstone of keeping customers happy and provide greater motive to play thanks to the added benefits they can give. The majority of casino platforms will usually host very regular deals varying from sign up bonuses for new customers when a minimum amount is deposited onto the site, to free spins on the slot section of the casino, or free tries at a promoted game in their collection. These kind of deals can provide a definitive boost to your budget on the site, however they usually come with specific terms which prevent you withdrawing until certain thresholds are met. These kind of precautions are usually put in place to prevent someone claiming a sign up bonus and simply withdrawing it, which would defeat the purpose of the site offering such a deal. Real Money vs. Just for Fun For someone looking to experience the casino on a budget, a gambling app not involving money can be the perfect environment to familiarize yourself with the game-play, practice, or see if the casino is for you before spending real money or staying with a free service. Luckily, the app store provides a wide variety of both apps, accommodating for casual and pro players alike. Whereas beforehand players would have to initially invest money to get the casino experience for a game of poker or blackjack, a user is able to experience the same quality game-play without the worry of investment. This kind of environment can also introduce the casino experience to an otherwise skeptical player in a less intimidating way – the environment of a real life casino, or one involving real money can add a level of pressure to the game, quickly putting new players off. The relaxed nature of a game involving no money can help someone quickly become accustomed to their chosen game type, and give them a more enjoyable experience.