What is the richest casino in the world?

What is the richest casino in the world?Every casino, whether in a bricks-and-mortar setting or online, offers an exciting variety of table games such as roulette and poker, and just for good measure there is always a huge range of slots games with familiar titles that include Mega Moolah, Goldilocks and Phantom Of The Opera. All casinos have to play with a house edge of varying percentages to ensure that they stay in business yet at the same time they allow their players to enjoy generous jackpots and prizes. However, its inevitable that some casinos are more successful than others, but which are the richest?

Las Vegas

Everyone has heard of Las Vegas, the city situated in Clark County in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Nevada. Founded in 1905, the city’s first casino, The Golden Gate Hotel, opened its doors the following year and remains as the city’s oldest casino still in operation. Another early casino was called Binion’s Horseshoe, but it has been the last half of the Twentieth Century that has seen Las Vegas become “the entertainment capital of the world” with casinos and arcades in a sprawling complex in the heart of the city. The Bellagio, complete with a fountain that has appeared in numerous films including Brad Pitt’s “Ocean’s Eleven”, features a suite of poker rooms known affectionately as The Office. These attract high roller players who love the chance to try out the tables that accept bets of up to eight thousand dollars in return for tempting jackpot prizes that can be well over one million dollars. The largest of Las Vegas’ casinos is the MGM Grand Casino that has 139 tables for poker and roulette and more than 2,500 slot machines, attracting players from all walks of life with bets that range from just one cent to one thousand dollars. Las Vegas’ extensive collection of casinos might take in vast pots of money every day, but they still don’t outdo arguably the most famous and wealthiest…

The Monte Carlo Casino

The tiny principality of Monaco, set amongst the cliff tops of southern France, has belonged to the Grimaldi dynasty for more than seven hundred years. Known as a playground for the rich and famous, Monaco exudes wealth and opulence but it wasn’t always so. Back in the middle of the Eighteenth Century, the reigning prince, Charles III was on the verge of bankruptcy. Fortunately, his mother, Princess Caroline had just returned from a visit to Baden-Baden where one of the first European casinos was becoming prosperous. At her suggestion, Charles opened a casino in 1862 and after a few false starts and the installation of a rail link, the Monte Carlo Casino became richer by the day. The epitome of style, extravagance and fabulous wealth, the casino has featured in many spectacular films from Hitchcock to James Bond. It also features in the video game Gran Turismo and hosts the annual Grand Final of the European Poker Tour. Although the citizens of Monaco are forbidden to set foot in the casino, many would be gamblers also find it beyond their range but there are alternatives…

Realistic Online Casinos

There is an incredible choice of online casinos that have every type of poker and table game on offer plus thousands of fast paced entertaining slots games. There are even casinos with live streaming that create realistic versions of land based casinos where players can experience the thrills of interactive table games. One of the most successful is from Evolution Gaming who broadcast live from land based casinos in Latvia and Malta. They feature live dealers who communicate with their audience in real time, creating an atmosphere that is both welcoming and exciting. Evolution Gaming provide a greater range of roulette, poker and table games than any other online outlets and include exclusive VIP tables. Live dealer games can also be enjoyed at Playtech which is steadily increasing its brand and already includes the only online progressive jackpot for the card game, Baccarat.

Entertaining Online Slots

When it comes to playing slots, the choice is overwhelming. One of the largest providers is Microgaming who have a library of almost nine hundred popular titles and introduce new games every month. Using advanced Viper-software, they have the largest progressive jackpots in the world. NetEnt produce customisable slot games that have been entertaining players since 1996 with their high quality graphics. Perhaps the online casinos may never match the richest casino in the world, but they have a superior advantage in offering instant availability at any time of day or night with generous pay-outs and bonuses for their players. And now that providers have introduced streamlined mobile versions that are equally as entertaining and profitable, players can enjoy their favourite games wherever they are.

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