Are Online Poker Games Rigged?

Are Online Poker Games Rigged?

Are Online Poker Games Rigged?We’ve all asked ourselves the question of whether online casinos are rigged time and time again, albeit normally after luck appeared to be on our side and then we lost it all. However, there are a number of factors a person should be considering before investing their money in an online poker site in order to avoid not only losing their money, but supporting a site where the metaphorical table is ‘fixed’.

Check The Site’s Credentials

In order to operate in the player’s location (VPN and IP masking aside) most casinos need some kind of legal accreditation. They are unlikely to receive this if they have consistently been accused of rigging games, or where they have been proven to act fraudulently. Most websites are subsidiaries of larger and more well known casinos, and to operate, they need to apply for their licence with some kind of authority that has the ability to enforce regulations. We’re not talking shady offshore locales either. Most major online casinos will have a reputable country’s seal of approval, which means they have proven that they can adhere to strict regulations and play fair. If you see the seal on a website, it’s unlikely they’re swindling players; if they are, they won’t be keeping that seal for long.

Always Play Live If Possible!

It might involve some higher minimum stakes, but live blackjack is done ‘on the spot’, meaning the chances of someone being able to rig the game are slim to none. Think about it; is a casino really going to have someone fanning out rigged cards, in front of a live camera, over a £10 bet? Plus, nine times out of ten, the player can request a new deck of cards and the dealer will gladly oblige, running them through the automatic shuffler. Still think it’s rigged? You’re probably a conspiracy theorist.

Read The Reviews!

There are also ways to verify a casino’s reputation. Aside from checking out their legal credentials, players should really look online, specifically on gaming and consumer websites, to see if the casino they’re about the play with is trusted, verified by other players and considered legitimate by the industry as a whole. If they have repeatedly been accused of fraud, and have either not responded or have had the claims substantiated, then there’s the answer. But, generally, for every player out there, there is another astute player who can verify or give a word of warning about any prospective casino.

So is online poker rigged? Of course, there are casinos that use automated software, and this has, on occasion, been found to favour certain players over others, or fail in its intended purpose of randomising wins and losses. Casino software is not completely and utterly random; it’s intended to give a win and payout on a system of averages. This is averaged out over other players as well, though. So, whilst someone is guaranteed to win, pumping in thousands guarantees nothing, nor does making hundreds of small bets. Who gets the winning turn is where the random nature of casino software kicks in. It’s important to remember in these cases that, just because you pumped in a few hundred pounds and didn’t get a win, it doesn’t mean you’re competing against a rigged system. As previously stated, software and casino practices have to be signed off by accrediting bodies, who don’t take too kindly to casinos ripping their customers off.

There are undoubtedly less reputable casinos out there that will run fraudulent software, and there are also those players who will spot flaws in a casino’s systems or software and play around with it, ensuring they receive an unfair advantage over the competition. But these are few and far between. Online poker is a huge draw for millions of players who fancy the idea of playing from the comfort of their own homes, and the industry wouldn’t survive if it was fixed. Despite the above mentioned issues with online casinos, it really is no more or less ‘rigged’ than an actual, real life casino, so for any poker players wanting an answer to their question, it’s simple. Sit back, relax and play away, confident that you’re in a safe and fair environment. Just err on the side of caution when considering new casinos and tournaments, and your time will be a memorable and positive one.

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