How do I win at blackjack?

How do I win at blackjack?

How do I win at blackjack?Luck usually shine on just a few people when gambling, but when playing blackjack, everyone has fair odds of winning at blackjack when playing against the house. The reason is that this game relies on a strategy based on probability rather than absolute luck. For you to improve your odds of winning at blackjack, you simply need to have a good understanding of the basic strategies for playing cards wisely. After this, you can learn a card counting system.

The Basic Strategy

Playing blackjack isn’t a speculating game, where here and there you decide to hit your 16 against the dealer’s 10 upcard, and in other circumstances, you stand. The basic playing strategy is the mathematically correct approach to playing each hand. With the strategy as shown in charts and tables, there is the right way for playing each hand. Therefore, if you are holding a 9-9 while the dealer’s upcard is 9, there will be only one way you can play this hand. This remains no matter the clubhouse you are playing in and no matter if you won or lost the past five hands- the right play is just to part. Generally, you always split, at times you stand, you have to play like a robot. Always make the right basic strategy play no matter what. Take note also that most casinos usually use the basic Vegas Strip Rules. These include:

Soft hand – The hand with an ace.

The Shoe – which contains 6 decks.

The Blackjack pays 3 – 2.

You are allowed to double down on any two cards.

You are also allowed to double down after you have split – Except aces.

In case you split aces, you can only take one more card. You are also allowed to re-split.

Some casino can hit on soft 17 and sometimes, the insurance pays 2 to 1.

For Optimal Betting, always ensure your bankroll is sustainable, decide your betting unit which should be 1/1000 of your bankroll at most and for every session, the cash you have on hand must be at least 32 betting units. You should always begin with small betting units and raise or lower the units according to your bankroll changes.

It is wise to continuously adjust your betting unit because you will never be broke while your bankroll increases faster with time. The maximum bet should be a minimum of 4x your betting unit. You should never bet over 1/4 of your money in one round since you will need enough money for splitting and doubling down.

Basic Strategy steps

Card Counting

It is not recommendable for whichever kind of player (whether professional or novice) to count cards in blackjack at the casino because you would get yourself into a lot of problems. Counting cards is just a system that offers you the knowledge of probability whereby you can know whether the next card would be a low or a high card. This is illegal in all the casinos. There are plenty of card counting systems, but the Hi-Lo system is usually simple to learn.

The Fundamentals

Keep The Running Count

You should know that it is possible to round the running count e-g from 19 – 20. As you play, approximate the remaining number of decks of which you can round; always watch the card tray decks and determine decks available in the shoe. You can then use the remaining decks to divide the running count. You then subtract one from the true count if you want to know the number of units you can bet. Next, multiply this by the casino Betting Unit, you play two hands while betting the count amount in every hand. In case the count result is below zero, you should bet the least amount while avoiding drawing unnecessary attention to your bet.

Counting Cards The Hi-Lo System

The Low cards- 2 to 6 are better when eliminated; positive count (+1).

The High cards- they include 10, J, Q, K and A. They are bad when eliminated ; negative count (-1).

The Middle cards- 7,8 and 9. These are neutral hence are worth 0.

It is good when counting at the start of the shoe.

Drills for Counting

It`s good to always have a deck. Go through the whole deck as you keep the count which should come out to zero. Deal the cards on the table as you keep the count and ensure you have a colleague to deal to you as you try to play and count. You can play while saying and counting as the other dealer tell the card face values.

Team Play Counting


The Back-Spotter is able to count the cards even without sitting at the blackjack table. In case the count gets hot, that is, the house being in a statistical disadvantage, the Back-Spotter signals the team’s bettors to dive in.

The Spotter

This one is just like a drunk or a high roller. He makes huge bets according to the Back-Spotter and counts cards as he plays at the table. A casino screens for counters by looking at the dramatic drops or rises in the bets. This shows if the deck has gone cold or hot. The Spotter, therefore, avoids being detected by adamantly sticking to the least bet on every hand. When the time for betting big comes, he tips off his colleagues to make good use of the favourable deck. True count is around 3.

The Gorilla

This one does not count at all and makes huge bets all the time. The spotters work here is to ensure that the Gorilla has got luck by directing him to the tables where he has more than even odds to win against the house.

The Big Player

This one is known to be a high-rolling recreational gambler who does not mind losing his money as he plays competently for hours. He is just like a spotter who has a Gorilla’s bankroll. The big player counts cards and also tracks the shuffle for high cards which can take away the advantage of the house. Generally, the Big Player has to play a good deck and hence, never lowers his bets so much.

Lastly, You Should Be Able To Detect Heat

You must always monitor your surroundings closely. You should know the point you should take your win and go; it doesn’t matter whether or not you are counting cards. Things you should note include:

The pit boss looking at you and starts to scribble notes.

The pit boss begins talking to you.

He orders the dealer to shuffle; at this point, leave quietly.

If the pit boss stares at you and gets on the phone, know its time to leave. Also, if he asks you to leave or stop playing blackjack, do not argue and leave.

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