How casinos protect your personal and financial information

Feel safe playing at UK online casinos for they have protected your personal and financial information in the most advanced and encrypted ways. Here’s more about data encryption at casinos.

Am I safe submitting my personal and financial information at online casinos?

Are you concerned about submitting your private information at your favourite online casino site? Not to worry – play at the safest UK online casinos to enjoy maximum protection.

Many casino players worry that their information is not secure and is accessible to third parties. This might make you paranoid, which eventually affects your gameplay.

So, yes – your personal information is safe. But only if you play at trustworthy or reputable online casino sites. The last thing you want is to register with a ‘shammy’ site.

The largest part of the online casino industry is safe – well-secured against data predators and scammers. 

What personal information is required by licensed online casinos?

•   Full Legal Names (most casinos will allow you to include a username that will be seen by the public)

•   National ID or Passport Number

•   Country of residence

•   City and town of residence

•   Email address

•   Phone number

•   Bank account details 

When submitting your information remember:

•   To hide the middle numbers of your card and to cover the CVV at the back

•   Hide other crucial details like your social security number

•   Give out genuine information to avoid your account being closed

Methods the casinos use to protect your personal and financial information

SSL and TLS Encryption 

What do you do when you are using your bank cards at a physical location – cover your pin right? That is exactly what SSL Encryption does at online casinos.

Before submitting any information to an online casino, check if it is licensed and whether it applies SSL encryption.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and TLS is the abbreviation for (Transport Layer Security). These two are extremely strong protectors and they ensure your data is inaccessible to anyone with malicious intentions.

SSL and TLS encryption at licensed casinos

Licensed and regulated casinos are the safest platforms to gamble since they are well encrypted.  You will not have to worry about losing your information to other parties.

First of all, before a casino can be licensed, regulatory bodies carry out extensive investigations into the casino’s history. In addition to protecting players, it ensures the casino operates fairly and responsibly.

SSL & TLS encryption blocks out anyone who wants to access your personal and financial information. They cannot get even one detail – not even your first name.

Don’t be worried that casinos are regulated by bodies like the UK Gambling Commission. Your information is safe, as long as there is SSL & TLS encryption.

How do I know if an online casino is encrypted?

Can you tell that a casino site is encrypted? We will show you how. –But you could start by playing at our list of recommended casinos, which are encrypted with the latest technology.

Most online casino games are browser-accessible, meaning you don’t need to download the casino to your phone. Which browser do you use when playing casino games?

How SSL encryption works on different browsers as you play casino games

Google Chrome

•   Once you click or enter the address of the casino you want to play at, check for the green padlock at the left side of the screen.

•   Click on the green padlock for a drop-down menu.

•   The drop down has two options – ‘Permissions’ and ‘Connections.’

•   Click on ‘Connections’ to confirm whether the site is encrypted

•   You should see something like:

Secure connection

Verified by: COMODO CA Limited

  • Click on ‘More Information’ and you should see something like this:

Connection Encrypted (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256, 128 bit keys, TLS 1.2)

The page you are viewing was encrypted before being transmitted over the internet.

Encryption makes it difficult for unauthorized people to view information travelling between computers. It is therefore unlikely that anyone read this page as it travelled across the network.

Mozilla Firefox

Check for encryption like you would in chrome.

•   Click on the green padlock

•   Click on ‘Connections’

•   Click on ‘more information’ 

You will then be able to tell if the site is encrypted.

How does encryption work?

Encryption is the protection you get when a link is sent on an internet browser. If there is no encryption, data sent across the casino link would be available for anyone to access. SSL & TLS encryption makes it hard for fraudulent people to crack the data.

What is the difference between SSL and TLS encryption?

Both TLS and SSL are forms of modern security certification but they are slightly different. 

SSL certificates

SSL is the certificate that primarily authenticates communication between the client and the server (in our case, the client is the online casino and the server is the Internet browser).

SSL certificates operate by using a symmetric key and public key.

TLS protocols

TLS works similarly to SSL, but it is a more advanced option. Sometimes, online casinos will refer to it simply as ‘SSL encryption’ on their About Page. 

What is the difference between 128-bit vs 256-bit digital encryption on a casino?

Both provide extreme security for your data but they are slightly different. A cryptologist will tell you that while a 128-bit key will take over a century to crack, a 256-bit key will take more years.

Note that whether you use a 128-bit key or 256-bit key, your data will remain secure and cannot be accessed. 

Which casinos are SSL & TLS protected?

With all these new casinos being opened every day, it can be difficult to keep track of all the encrypted online casinos. 

You can check out these prime UK online casinos and have fun playing your favourite games. You can look forward to some exciting bonuses and casino promotions.

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•   Leovegas Casino

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•   Mr Green Casino

•   Mansion Casino

•   Casino Euro

•   Casumo Casino

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