Best UK online casino promotions

casino promotions and awesome prizes

Casino promotions in the UK are thrilling and fun. If you want to see the daily casino promotions check the full list of best online casinos. You will find promotions wildly exciting, whether they are daily or longer. There is a wide array of things you could win in a daily promotion, from flight tickets to exotic trips, real money, bonus cash, loyalty points and free game rounds.  Heck – you could even win a Hollywood movie role or a mega jackpot that will turn you into an overnight millionaire.

Don’t be left out of all the fun. You could be one spin, one ace or one roulette game way from a lavish reward.  Your life could change in a day.

When you participate in a casino promotion, you get a chance to have more fun playing, while still making some extra cash. Joining a promotion gives you a chance to minimise your bet risks and losses.  A wise casino player will find good promotions to take advantage of and win as much as they can.

Always remember to go through all terms, and conditions of the promotions before signing up for one.

Here are extravagant casino promotion gifts in history:

  • 24 CARAT Diamond
  • Gold Bars
  • Rolex and Omega Watches
  • iPhones
  • BMWs, Mercedes, Ford and Mini

Keeping track of the latest promotions

All casino hustlers know that taking advantage of promotions could significantly increase your winnings.  Therefore, make certain that you keep up with all the latest campaigns.  Read on to know more about casino tournaments, sportsbooks campaigns and VIP promotions.

Most major online casinos have at least one promotion going on.  News about ongoing casino promotions are usually very transitory so you need to get the tidings when they are still fresh.

Regularly visit our pages to discover the hottest casino promotions.  From welcome bonuses to loyalty programs and prize draws.

The month of July 2018 saw some interesting casino promotions.  For instance, Mr Green offered £10K to players who redirected traffic to the casino’s website.

Game developers like Yggdrasil also offer promotions in different games.  During the World Cup season, players were playing the Football Mission for a share of up to £50,000 cash.

Different Types of Casino Promotions

The online casino industry has a lot to offer, than simply giving you a grand casino experience. In favour of the large market demand, operators diversify their casino promotions. Therefore, you have a wide range of different promotions to choose from.  Here is how casino promotions are classified.

Casino Promotions

Casino promotions come heavily packed and at all levels.  Therefore, both new players and existing players will most likely find a gift or special prize that suits them.

Casino promotions are campaigns specially designed by the casino. The operator with the most favourable promotions package wins.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you deserve to feel appreciated. Pick a casino with promotions that appeal to you.

There are more benefits in joining a casino that offers an appealing welcome bonus promotion. It could be a gift in terms of a free game, some bonus cash or coins. You will have more fun playing at a casino that sets promotions for loyal and regular players.

Just remember to check the terms of the bonus and wagering requirements.

Slots Promotions

Jump on the reels of an exciting slot and get away with free spins or even better – millions.  The famous Joy Heywood won about £18 million on the Mega Fortune slot Jackpot.  He was a newbie and he won after spending only 30 minutes on the slot. He has since purchased a Bentley among other things.

Statistically, slots are some of the most popular online casino games.  Their simple and visually creative nature makes them a favourite for many online players. Slot promotions run for a predetermined duration. So, you must be quick to join and secure your seat.

With slot promotions, you can walk away with a huge win from just a small buy-in.  The cash prize is systematically shared among the top winners.

Live Casino Promotions

Playing at a live casino is not different from a brick-and-mortar casino. But live casinos come with more advantages.

Yes, it is interesting how live casinos have enabled us to comfortably wear our lucky charms to a game.  But they also have great promotions too.  For instance, Mr Green was offering £1000 to exclusive Blackjack players every day in June.

Normally, you will be required to join the tournament; participation is not automatic. The promotion might either be free or an entry fee might apply.   Some live casino promotions include cash back rollover or weekly multipliers on your stake.

Join a table and play for real money and bonus games. Try your best to be at the top of the leader-board and stand to tickets to a mega prize draw.


Poker tournaments

Online poker tournaments are popular. They are fun to join, entertaining to watch and very convenient.

You know you are a pro if you find yourself topping at a poker tournament. Small staking in online poker tournaments is extreme fun. You are playing against a large number of competitors and you stand a chance at winning big money.

Poker tournaments attract a huge number of players. The buy-in is usually $1-$10 which makes it open to most players.   It is not uncommon to find a weekly promotion where small-bankrollers can play for a seat at the final table.

Poker tournaments normally last several hours, so you must be ready for a longs session. Expect the variance to be high, due to the huge number of opponents. This is the part where you get to bluff and strategies streaks of showdown moves.

In their traditional format, a poker tournament comes with consistent rake rates.  They also create stiff competition, which makes them even more stirring

Expand your online poker skills for a chance at the coveted world poker series, which is televised, live. . All you need is a stable internet and device to participate in a poker tournament.


Sportsbooks promotions

Everyone loves promotions, even sports betting enthusiasts. Sportsbook operators have been known to offer lucrative freebies, money and prizes, especially during game seasons.

There are different types of promotions on sport betting sites. So, it is easy to get confused about the difference between promotions and better lines.  For instance, if you are to pick between betting where you will get some cash back or where you will receive a point, choose the latter.

The sportsbook might offer promotions in term of:

  • Free bets or free play
  • Win sports swag and gear from your favourite teams.
  • Rebates or rake back – Win back a percentage of the money you lost

VIP Promotions

VIP promotions are rewards or programs designed for the loyal and high-roller players. If you spend a significant amount of money or time at the casino, and you will be upgraded to VIP status.

VIP promotion benefits include:

  • Cashback
  • Speedy payouts
  • Amazing physical rewards
  • A dedicated representative to manage your handle
  • Free Chips
  • Better currency conversion rates
  • All-expenses-paid trips

You must be a member of a VIP club to be eligible for the promotion. While some casinos approve VIP membership after the first deposit, it might take longer in others. Being a VIP player means you get special treatment by casinos.

Look for a favourable online VIP casino program to join. If you are not a high-roller, look for codes to increase your chances of qualifying for a VIP promotion.

Competitions and prizes

Casino competitions ca work in different ways, depending on many factors. It is advisable to be sure about a promotion before deciding whether or not to play. Casino prizes can be classified into two categories:

Prize Draws

Prize draws are the most common type of online casino competitions. In this case, players earn an entry by completing specific tasks or attaining certain points. Of course, there will be a reasonable promotional period where you get a chance to complete your tasks and win more points.

The wagering might be higher or lower, depending on the game. Some prize draws might also have a limit on how many entry tickets you can purchase and how much you will win. However, most prize draws will allow you to try your luck as many times as you can.

The winners are selected at random, in a draw.

Look out for draws that might require you to opt-in or send an email to join.

Automatic prizes

Some casino competitions will come with automatic prizes.  This type of promotion usually awards players who are at the top of the leader-board. It all depends on how the leader-board is set.  Automatic prizes usually go to players who have either wagered or won the most.

What type of casino promotion suits me?

With online casinos, you can check out as many promotions as you wish until you find the one you like. Always be on the lookout for casino competitions and special rewards.

While long-lasting promotions are usually bigger, daily promotions are more thrilling. It is also easier to stay ahead of your gameplay in a daily game than it is for the monthly kind.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win big at your favourite online casino. The best thing about such competitions is that you can join more than one, across different casinos. You are free to join as many tournaments as you want, as long as you can manage to play them all and have fun.

Please, remember to gamble responsibly. Betting with money you cannot afford to lose is not advisable.