Play at the best Paysafe casinos online

There are many payment methods offered by online casinos, but if you want to deposit pure cash that you have lying around there’s no better alternative than using paysafe cards. By visiting one of many local stores you can effortlessly purchase these and then use them to deposit at casinos in the safest possible way.

Even though the cards are supported by a fair amount of gambling sites, it’s not always easy to find a high quality paysafe casino where you’ll feel comfortable playing. That’s why we at have searched the net for the absolute best ones and conveniently listed these below. By visiting one of these paysafe casinos you’re guaranteed to get a world class gambling experience.

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Why are these the best online casinos with paysafe deposits?

They simply provide an overall fantastic gambling experience that more or less any player will love. When choosing an online casino with paysafe deposits there are several things that you might want to consider. This includes how safe the site is; the library of games provided; availability of the customer support and the speed in which withdrawals are processed. Not to mention how well-adapted the casino is to mobile devices and the amount of promotions offered by them, as well as the value of these bonuses.

You may personally care more about some of these factors than others, which is completely natural. As players we all have different needs and look for different things in a casino. It doesn’t matter though if it’s a huge game selection that you’re looking for or a flawless mobile experience. The sites that we have picked out deliver on every point that defines a great gambling adventure. That’s why we consider them to be among the best online casinos with paysafe deposits.

To give you an idea of the experience you’ll get, all of the casinos have the following qualities:

  • A gambling license issued by the UK Gambling Commission, which means a high level of security.
  • More than 1500 casino games from more than 15 different game providers.
  • A wide variety of products including slots, table games, live casino, scratchers and video pokers.
  • Around the clock support on live chat and e-mail (some of them also on phone).
  • Withdrawals processed within 24 hours (usually faster).
  • Great mobile apps developed for iOS and Android.
  • Casino promotions offered on a regular basis (you’ll often find several available at once).
  • Welcome bonuses that are highly valuable (low wagering and no hard locking of real money)

How do I deposit using paysafecard at casinos?

There are three ways that you can do this:

  • By entering a 16 digit code from a paysafe card that you have purchased online or in a local store.
  • By logging in to a paysafe account that you have created and stored money on from paysafe cards.
  • By using a paysafe Mastercard which you have transferred money to from your paysafe account.

To give you a better understanding of how you deposit using paysafecards at casinos, these cards are basically a type of cash voucher. It’s a simple and secure way to use cash on the internet. The vouchers can either be bought online or in one of many local stores. You usually find them being sold in kiosks and convenience stores such as 7-eleven. They come in values of £5, £10, £25, £50 and £100.

Once you’ve bought a card (which is nothing but a 16 digit code) you can instantly use this to deposit at a paysafe casino. It’s very simple as all you have to do is to navigate to the cashier, choose paysafe as a payment method, type in the amount you’d like to deposit and then enter your 16 digit code. The money will be instantly added to your player account at the casino.

Alternatively you can create a user account on paysafe’s website. With this you can conveniently store all of the codes that you have purchased. It’s kind of like an e-Wallet as this account can also be used for deposits at the casino. The process is exactly the same as before, but instead of entering a 16 digit code you’ll choose to log in to your paysafe account and make the deposit with this.

In addition to the above, a third way of using paysafecards at casinos is by turning them into a Mastercard. When you have a paysafe account you’re able to order a paysafe Mastercard which can be topped up with money from codes that you have stored on your paysafe account. Should you do this, depositing at the casino works just like an ordinary Mastercard deposit. In other words, you type in all of the details on the card.

What’s the advantage of playing casino with paysafe cards?

There can be several ones, but the most appreciated thing about it is probably the incredibly high level of security that you’ll experience. Unlike debit cards you don’t have to provide any sensitive details that someone could possibly get their hands on.

You could also argue that the method is even safer than e-Wallets like Skrill and PayPal. With these you’ll often have a debit card linked to the account, which means that if someone gets a hold of your account details they can deposit with the cards.

Should someone get their hands on your paysafe code they could of course use this for themselves. However, the thing with these cards is that the amount on them is very limited as they can’t be loaded with more than £100. This means that you could never lose more than this in a worst case scenario, which by the way is very unlikely to happen.

Another good thing about playing casino with paysafe cards is that they can act as a helping hand controlling your gambling. There are of course many ways one can do this, such as setting deposit limits to the casino account. This is, however, an additional way that works great for some players. You decide on a monthly budget, purchase paysafe cards with this and then you’ve separated your gambling balance with the rest of the economy. Your spouse might very well thank you for this.

An obvious advantage of playing casino with paysafe cards is of course also that you can effortlessly use money that you have lying around in your home or under your mattress. Perhaps you don’t have a debit card to use? Maybe you’re a bit fishy and receive dirty money that you don’t pay taxes for? We’re not going to judge.

Last but not least, it’s possible to withdraw your casino winnings in any way you want, which is rarely the case for other payment methods. Legit gambling sites all have to follow a closed loop policy which states that any money deposited from a certain payment method must also be withdrawn back to this. It is, however, not possible to cash out to a paysafe card. Therefore you’re able to choose yourself how you’d like to receive your winnings.

Are there any downsides to using paysafe at casinos?

There are and one that is especially disliked among high rollers is that you can’t deposit more than £100 at a time. This is the maximum amount that a single paysafe card can hold and casinos don’t allow you to combine several codes. Should you for instance like to deposit £1000, you would have to make 10 separate transactions which can be a bit bothersome and time consuming.

Even though cashing out to any method that you’d like is an advantage with using paysafe at casinos, this also comes with a tiny bit of a downside. The reason is that you’re required to go through a verification process. This needs to be done at some point no matter what payment method you use so you can’t escape it. However, when using paysafe you always have to do it on your first withdrawal. In addition to an ID and a proof of address which are standard documents to send for this verification, you also have to verify the payment method you’re choosing to cash out with.

Should you be a player who appreciates visiting many different casinos to take advantage of their valuable welcome offers, an additional downside with paysafe is that some sites don’t support the method. It’s not super rare to find it, but it’s definitely not as common as debit cards.

Lastly, one could also argue that using paysafe at casinos isn’t the most convenient way to deposit. Sure, if you want to turn cash lying around into a gambling balance there’s no better way. However, using a debit card such as a Visa or Mastercard would be much easier to deposit with than first having to buy a paysafe card.

Are there any limits that I should know about when using paysafe Mastercards?
Indeed there are. See the below table for a full overview.

Maximum balance that the card can hold £4,000
Maximum amount that can be transferred to it daily £1,500
Maximum amount that can be transferred to it monthly £4,000
Maximum amount that can be transferred to it yearly £4,0000
Limit for a single transaction £750
Limit for daily transactions £1,500
Limit for a single ATM withdrawal £400
Limit for daily ATM withdrawals £400
Limit for monthly ATM withdrawals £1000

In which countries can I locally buy a paysafe card?
You can find them in any of the following ones:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium
Brazil Bulgaria Canada Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland
France Georgia Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy Kuwait
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Mexico Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Peru Poland Portugal
Romania Saudi-Arabia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay

Are there any fees I should know about when using paysafecards at casinos?

Rarely. The casinos themselves will never charge you anything and when it comes to the service of paysafe they only have a very few fees. Among these you will find one for currency conversions. In other words, if you have a paysafe card in one currency and use this to deposit to a casino account that’s in another one they’ll charge you 1 – 2% of the deposited amount.

If you’ve ordered a paysafe Mastercard you’ll also find that that topping this up comes with a 4% fee. Should you for instance transfer £100 from your paysafe account to the Mastercard, this will cost you £4. In addition, making Mastercard withdrawals from ATMs come with a 3% fee.

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Where can I buy paysafe cards?

You can either get them online at or in a local store. Purchasing them online you’ll have the option to pay by bank transfer or using a Visa or Mastercard. Locally you can pay by cash.

I don’t know any local stores that sell paysafe cards what do I do?

By visiting Paysafe’s website you can easily find a place. They offer a really neat service where you type in your address to show every nearby paysafe card retailer.

Can I make more than one deposit with my paysafe card?

Of course! You can make as many as you like as long as you still have balance left on your card. If depositing to a paysafe casino, just make sure that you have enough for the minimum deposit.

What’s the minimum amount I can deposit when using paysafecards at casinos?

This will vary from one gambling site to another, but in all of those that we have suggested (and most other casinos as well) it’s £10.

Do purchased paysafe cards last forever?

They do. However, if the card hasn’t been fully used within 12 months a £3 fee will be taken from it every month. The same goes for any codes stored in a paysafe account that you may have, but with the monthly fee being £5 instead of £3.

Is there any way I can check the balance on my paysafe card?

Yes, you can easily do this online on paysafe’s website by just typing in the 16 digit code.

Does paysafe have a mobile app that I can download?

Indeed they do. It’s a convenient one which you can use to easily check the balance of your paysafe cards, find local shops where you can purchase new ones and manage your paysafe account.

Is there any upper limit to how much I can deposit with paysafecards at casinos?

Not in total, but in a single transaction it’s £100 as this is the most that a paysafe card can hold. You unfortunately can’t combine several codes at casinos so if you’d like to deposit £500 this means that you have to make five separate transactions. The process is easier though if you have your codes stored on a paysafe account.

Is it possible to reverse a deposit made by a paysafe card?

No, never. You cannot ever make any form of withdrawal back to a paysafe card.

How do I cash out from online casinos after a paysafe deposit?

You can do this by any payment method that you’d like. You could for instance do a bank transfer or withdraw using an e-Wallet like Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. It is, however, important to know that you have to make the cash out to an account that is belonging to you. The casino will ask you to go through a verification process to ensure this.

Money has been deducted from my paysafe card, but nothing is deposited to the paysafe casino?

This can happen in very rare cases. If it does contact the customer support at the gambling site and they will be able to help you out.

Are there any limits that I should know about when using paysafe Mastercards?

Indeed there are. See the below table for a full overview.