Are you curious about M-Pesa and how this payment method can be used to deposit and withdraw money from gambling sites? Or did you just stumble upon us in your search for the best online casino that supports M-Pesa and accepts Kenyan players? Either way you’ve come to the right place!

    We have created the following page with the ambition of teaching you everything there is to know about M-Pesa itself; the process of using it at casino sites; as well as guiding you to quality gambling operators that support the method. Sit back, relax and enjoy an informative read!

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    Here’s What to Expect From the M-Pesa Casinos That We List

    As a Kenyan gambling enthusiast looking for a top quality gambling site with M-Pesa deposits, you may be wondering what it is that is so great about the above online casinos that have made us list them. The short answer is that they provide a safe and convenient gambling experience with a ton of games to enjoy; bonuses to make use of and a professional customer support to receive help from.

    If you’d rather get the long answer, this includes the following:

    • All listed M-Pesa casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

    What this translates to is that the online casino experience is 100% safe and secure. MGA is one of the most respected organizations in the gambling industry that issue licenses to operators. They are incredibly strict when it comes to fairness of games; legibility of terms and conditions; deposit limits and several other things that protect you as a player.

    • The game selection is huge no matter the gambling site you pick

    While we ought to point out that some of the online casinos that support deposits with M-Pesa have a wider game selection than others, there’s no question that it’s absolutely great at all of them. You will find thousands of top quality slot machines from the best game providers in the gambling industry and several new ones being added every week.

    Additionally, a superb live casino experience is offered by Evolution Gaming which allows you to play a long list of table game classics and creatively designed games against real dealers. This includes, but is not limited to roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, money wheels, dice games and poker.

    • You will find an impeccable customer support available 24/7

    By playing at any of our recommended gambling sites you will find a professional customer service that can be reached all around the clock on live chat and e-mail. Additionally, some of the operators also offer the possibility of getting help over the phone.

    What’s particularly great about the support is that they know what service-mindedness means, which is far from what can be said about all Kenyan M-Pesa casinos. You can expect quick replies and a great deal of friendliness. Not to mention a very wide knowledge about their products and the gambling industry which allows for errands to be resolved in a timely manner.

    • Bonus offers are valuable and come in plenty at the casinos

    Just like the game selection, the amount of casino bonuses that you will receive and the value of these will vary from one gambling operator to another. However, none of the ones that we have listed will disappoint. We know how important bonus offers can be and would never recommend a gambling site with a poor selection or with terms and conditions that weren’t good.

    • All of our listed casinos process M-Pesa transactions quickly

    Whether you’re depositing with M-Pesa or withdrawing to your M-Pesa account, all of the Kenyan online casinos that we recommend will handle your transaction quickly. Deposits are usually added to your account within an hour or two when using M-Pesa as a method. 

    As of withdrawals, these are almost always processed within 24 hours by the gambling sites’ payments departments. Some of our listed casinos are, however, even faster than that which means that you could receive your winnings to your M-Pesa wallet after just a few hours.

    Here at Casinowebsites we take great pride in what we do and spend a lot of time searching for gambling sites that we enjoy playing at ourselves. Thus you can always count on us recommending nothing but the best Kenyan online casinos with M-Pesa deposits and withdrawals on this page.

    A Short Introduction to What M-Pesa Is

    With more than 17 million registered accounts in Kenya alone, M-Pesa is an incredibly wide-spread payment solution for mobile devices. It’s an e-Wallet that allows you to make quick and convenient transactions to and from your mobile device. The M in the name stands for mobile while Pesa is the Swahili word for money. 

    M-Pesa was made available in 2007 by the biggest mobile operator in Kenya, Safaricom, along with the global Vodafone Group. It quickly grew to become one of the most popular payment solutions in the country and these days more or less everyone is well familiar with it.

    M-Pesa is not only used to make transactions with online casinos in Kenya. The service also allows users to pay bills, loan money, purchase airtime to the phone, transfer cash to other M-Pesa users and make payments to a list of companies that support the method. While this list is a bit limited at the moment, it is constantly growing and some of the biggest names that support M-Pesa include QATAR Airways, Upwork, PayPal and Alibaba.

    What’s cool about M-Pesa is that it allows you to override your balance, which means that you can make payments and send money that you currently do not possess in your account. This can be paid back at a later stage by simply depositing money into your wallet. You can read more about this service, which is known as fuliza, further down in the article.

    It’s important to know that almost all transactions with M-Pesa come with a small fee (except for deposits that are made into the wallet). This fee can range from 10 KSHs ($0.26) – 309 KSHs ($2.66) depending on the amount that is sent and if the receiver has a registered M-Pesa account or not.

    You see, it’s possible to send money even to people who haven’t signed up for the service. When this is done the receiver will get a voucher that can be exchanged into cash at one of many authorized outlets that handle cash transactions with M-Pesa.

    Another important thing to know about M-Pesa is that the service holds a daily cap to transactions. It is only possible to make two transactions every day with each transaction being capped at around $1344 or 150,000 Shilling.

    Most transactions with the payment method tend to be instant, which is part of its popularity. However, there are rare occasions when a transfer can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes companies that allow you to make deposits into an account have to manually add the received money as well. This is for instance the case at online casinos that support M-Pesa.

    How to Get an M-Pesa Account in Kenya

    Signing up for M-Pesa is a fairly easy process that requires you to visit an authorized M-Pesa agent or a retail center for Safaricom. You need to bring a mobile phone with a Safircom sim card with you as well as identification such as any of the following:

    • National ID card in Kenya
    • Valid Passport (non-expired)
    • Military ID in Kenya (only acceptable at Safaricom retail centers)
    • Kenyan foreign certificate (only acceptable at Safaricom retail centers)

    After presenting your ID, you will be asked to fill in a registration form and after that an M-Pesa account will be set up for you. A text message will be sent to your phone with a four digit PIN number that needs to be entered to activate the account. This is done the following way:

    1. Open up the Safaricom menu on your phone
    2. Choose the option that says “M-Pesa” followed by “Activate/Wezesha”
    3. Now enter the four digit PIN that was sent to you

    After this you will be asked to create your own four digit PIN code that will be used to confirm all transactions that you make with M-Pesa. Along with this you will be asked to enter the ID number that you presented to the agent during the registration process.

    That’s it! You can now fund your M-Pesa account with money or receive money to it which can then be cashed out. To find out how this is done, check out the below section.

    Depositing Money to and Withdrawing Cash From M-Pesa

    Making transactions from and to your M-Pesa account is quite a convenient process that can be done in several different ways. To teach you all about how it’s done, we have explained below how money can be funded to your account as well as cashed out. Further down in the article you will also find out how transactions are made to and from online casinos using M-Pesa.

    Depositing Money to M-Pesa

    There are three ways that money can be deposited into your M-Pesa wallet on your mobile device:

    • Depositing cash by visiting an M-Pesa outlet agent
    • Transferring money from from your bank account
    • Transferring cash from your PayPal wallet account

    Below we have described how these deposits are done using a simple step-by-step guide.

    Depositing money to M-Pesa using an agent

    1. Visit a store that is an authorized agent for M-Pesa
    2. Hand over the cash that you would like to deposit to your wallet
    3. The agent will now use their M-Pesa account to transfer the received money to yours
    4. A text message will be sent to you confirming the transaction

    Depositing money to M-Pesa using your bank account

    1. Register for internet banking / mobile banking with your bank
    2. This will allow you to receive a unique USSD code
    3. Dial the USSD number on your phone
    4. Now follow the instructions given on the screen to deposit money into your M-Pesa account (the process will be slightly different from one bank to another)

    Depositing money to M-Pesa using PayPal

    1. Make sure that your PayPal and M-Pesa account are linked (you can read how to do it here)
    2. Visit the following webpage:
    3. Login to your PayPal account
    4. Click on the button that says “Withdraw from PayPal”
    5. Enter the amount you would like to send to M-Pesa
    6. Confirm the transaction by clicking on “confirm”

    Withdrawing Money From M-Pesa

    Cashing out money from your M-Pesa account can be done in three different ways:

    • Receiving cash in hand by visiting an authorized M-Pesa agent outlet
    • Receiving cash in hand by using an ATM
    • Transferring money to your bank account
    • Transferring money to your PayPal wallet

    Below we have created an easy step-by-step guide for each of these methods.

    Withdrawing money from M-Pesa using an agent

    1. Visit an authorized M-Pesa agent outlet
    2. Check with the agent to confirm that he or she has enough money in the cashier to cover  your withdrawal
    3. Provide the agent with your phone number and identification
    4. In the M-Pesa mobile menu, click on “Withdraw Cash”
    5. The agent will now give you a phone number to deposit money into
    6. Enter the phone number received from the agent
    7. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw
    8. Enter your PIN code and confirm all details
    9. The agent will now give you the transferred money and ask you to sign a book where all transactions from that store is kept track of

    Withdrawing money from M-Pesa to your bank account

    1. Go to the M-Pesa menu on your mobile device
    2. Select the option that says “Lipa na M-Pesa
    3. Click on the “Pay Bill” option
    4. Enter the business number of your bank (if you don’t know what this is you need to check with your bank)
    5. Enter your bank account number
    6. Enter the amount you would like to transfer to your bank account
    7. Confirm the transaction by entering your M-Pesa PIN code

    Withdrawing money from M-Pesa to PayPal

    1. Link your PayPal account to M-Pesa (you can check how to here)
    2. Login to your PayPal account using this link:
    3. Click on the button that says “Top up to PayPal”
    4. Open up the M-Pesa menu in your mobile phone
    5. Click the option that says “Lipan a M-Pesa”
    6. Select “Pay Bill”
    7. Click on “Enter business no.”
    8. Type in the following number: 800088
    9. Now click on “Account no.”
    10. Enter your mobile number
    11. Enter the amount you would like to send to PayPal
    12. Enter your M-Pesa PIN and that’s it
    13. The money will be credited to your PayPal account in a few hours

    Withdrawing money from M-Pesa using an ATM

    1. Open up the M-Pesa mobile menu
    2. Choose the option that says “Withdraw Cash”
    3. Enter agent number 555555 or 286286 depending on the bank that you have (you can find out which number belongs to which bank below)
    4. Enter your PIN code
    5. You will now receive a text message to your phone with a verification code that needs to be entered on the ATM. Please note that this code will expire after 4 minutes.
    6. On the ATM, choose the option that says “M-Pesa”
    7. Pick the language you would like information to be displayed in
    8. Now enter the verification code that you received in step 5
    9. Enter the mobile number of your M-Pesa account
    10. Choose the amount you would like to withdraw
    11. Confirm the transaction and receive your money

    Please note that banks that support ATM withdrawals with M-Pesa currently include the following ones and have the following agent numbers:

    1. KCB (555555)
    2. Family Bank (555555)
    3. Sidian Bank (555555)
    4. Stanbic Bank (555555)
    5. NIC Bank (555555)
    6. Credit Bank (555555)
    1. Prime Bank (555555)
    2. GT Bank (555555)
    3. Faulu Bank (555555)
    4. Solution Sacco (555555)
    5. DIB Bank (555555)
    6. Equity Bank (286286)

    If your bank isn’t listed you cannot make an ATM withdrawal with M-Pesa at this moment.

    Using M-Pesa at Online Casinos That Accept Kenyan Players

    If you’re interested in gambling over the internet and would like to make your casino transactions with M-Pesa this is easily done. We would, however, say that it’s not as smooth as using many other options as deposits aren’t instant. But if you want to use M-Pesa anyway it’s still a pretty convenient method.

    Below we have created a step-by-step guide for deposits, as well as withdrawals, which covers the entire process of using M-Pesa at legitimately licensed online casinos in Kenya.   

    Depositing Money to Gambling Sites With M-Pesa

    1. Create an account with a Kenyan online casino that supports M-Pesa
    2. Head to the cashier at the gambling site
    3. Choose M-Pesa as a payment method
    4. This will give you the casino’s business number that you need to make the transaction to
    5. On your mobile device, open up the M-Pesa menu
    6. Select the option that says “Lipan a M-Pesa” followed by “Pay Bill”
    7. Enter the business number received from the online casino
    8. Enter the amount you would like to deposit into your gambling account
    9. Enter your PIN number and confirm the transaction
    10. The money will be credited to your account as soon as the casino manually adds it

    Please note that online casino transactions with M-Pesa aren’t automatically processed, but the payments department of the gambling site needs to manually add the deposited amount to your player account. This is usually done within a few hours.

    Withdrawing Money From Gambling Sites With M-Pesa

    1. First of all make sure that your casino account is verified (you can read how to below)
    2. Head to the cashier at the gambling site
    3. Select M-Pesa and enter the amount you would like to withdraw
    4. Now enter the phone number of your M-Pesa account
    5. Confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be received

    If you choose to play at any of the Kenyan M-Pesa casinos that we have listed in this article, the payments department at the gambling site will process your withdrawal request within 24 hours. They will check if your account is verified and if it is they will instantly send the requested money from their M-Pesa account to yours. If your casino account is not verified they will let you know by e-mail and ask you to verify it.

    Verifying Your Online Casino Account to Withdraw Money With M-Pesa

    It’s important to know that all online casino sites that are legitimately licensed and legally allowed to offer gambling over the internet has to comply to a bunch of regulations. One of these is preventing money laundering and fraud by verifying the identity of all of their players. To do this they will ask you to upload the following documents under your account settings at the casino:

    • A photo copy of an identification

    This could either be a passport, driver’s license or government issued ID card

    • A photo copy of a proof of address

    This could be any official document that has your name and address on it. For instance, an electricity bill, a rental agreement or a bank statement.

    It’s important that the photos that you upload are of good quality and show the entire document (preferably all corners of it). If not the verification may not be approved.

    Do note that M-Pesa is not the only payment method that requires you to go through a verification process, but no matter how you deposit and withdraw you will be asked to do it.

    Pros and Cons of Paying With M-Pesa at Online Casinos

    To give you a brief overview of the functionality that M-Pesa has as a payment method at Kenyan gambling sites we have created a summarized list of pros and cons.


    + Once processed, withdrawals are very fast (usually instant)

    + The method is incredibly safe and secure

    + It’s a convenient way of using cash to gamble with as this is easily deposited into M-Pesa

    + Using the fuliza service of M-Pesa cash can be deposited even though it is not available (you can read more about fuliza here)


    The service comes with a small fee on deposits and withdrawals

    Deposits are not instant (normally take 2 hours to be credited)

    It’s only possible to make two deposits every day

    Maximum deposit amount is capped at 150,000 KSHs ($1344) per transaction

    An M-Pesa account can only hold 300,000 KSHs ($2688)

    Currently, there aren’t that many online casinos that support M-Pesa

    Comparing M-Pesa to Other Payment Methods at Online Casinos

    While you may be set on using M-Pesa as a payment method to deposit and withdraw with at gambling sites, you should know that most Kenyan online casinos offer a range of other payment options to use. Many of these actually outperform M-Pesa in a lot of different ways, however, not in all. Check the below table to see how M-Pesa compares to other payment methods.

    Payment MethodDeposit TimeWithdrawal Time*FeeSafety**Other Info
    M-PesaUp to 12 hoursInstantYes5 / 5-
    Airtel MoneyUp to 12 hoursInstantYes5 / 5
    MuchBetterInstantInstantNo4 / 5-
    NetellerInstantInstantNo4 / 5-
    SkrillInstantInstantNo4 / 5-
    MastercardInstantUp to 5 bank daysNo3 / 5-
    VisaInstantUp to 5 bank daysNo3 / 5-
    Paysafe CardInstantUp to 5 bank daysNo5 / 5Must withdraw to bank account

    * It’s important to note that withdrawal time only refers to the actual transaction time of the payment method. In other words the time that it takes to receive the money to your account once it has been sent by the online casino.

    ** In terms of safety, it is generally safe to use all of the above listed payment methods as long as you are playing at a gambling site that is legitimately licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. However, M-Pesa stands out as being an extra secure option as there is no way for anyone to ever access your account unless they actually steal your phone.

    In contrast, debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are the least secure payment methods as with these you are required to enter sensitive card details when making online casino deposits, which someone could possibly steal. It is of course unlikely for this to happen, but it still could.

    The same thing can be said about e-Wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. With these you have to enter your login details when making a deposit to an online casino. In the unlikely event that a key logger is installed on your computer this would capture your password.

    How to Use the Fuliza Service With M-Pesa (Overriding Your Balance)

    A neat feature of M-Pesa is the ability of being able to spend money that you currently do not have in your wallet. It’s like taking a loan, but not quite as you are being overcharged the missing amount that you want to transfer as opposed to receiving any money from an institution.

    To activate the fuliza feature, all you have to do is to dial *234# on your phone and select “Fuliza M-Pesa” on the menu that pops up. Here you will be able to opt in to the service.

    It’s important to know that the extra money that can be spent with fuliza is limited. This limit depends on your usage of M-Pesa and Safaricom. The more transactions that you make and the more you use Safaricom services the greater the limit will become. It’s reviewed every 3 months.

    While there isn’t any set time limit for the payback to happen, you are asked to pay back the owed amount within 30 days. If you don’t the fuliza service will become inaccessible for you and you also risk having your limit lowered for future transactions. Perhaps more importantly, every day carries a 1% interest rate so the longer you wait the more expensive it will be for you.

    Paying back any owed fuliza amount is easily done by just adding money to your M-Pesa wallet. If you have 100 KSHs overcharged with fuliza and you deposit 200 KSHs to M-Pesa, your owed amount will automatically be paid, thus your account balance will be 100 KSHs. 

    It’s possible to pay bills, send money and buy goods with fuliza. However, it is not possible to withdraw any money using the service.

    Topping up Your Phone With Money Using M-Pesa

    One of the many things that M-Pesa can be used for is topping up a phone with money, regardless if it is airtime for Airtel that you’re buying, airtime for Telkom or airtime for any other operator. This is easily done by following the below steps.

    How to buy Airtel Airtime from M-Pesa

    1. Go to the M-Pesa menu on your mobile phone
    2. Click on “Lipa na M-pesa” followed by “Pay Bill”
    3. Enter the following business number: 220220
    4. Enter AIRT followed by your phone number. For instance AIRT258542.
    5. Enter the amount of airtime you would like to buy
    6. Confirm the purchase by entering your PIN number

    How to buy Safaricom airtime from M-Pesa

    To buy airtime to Safaricom all you have to do is to follow the above steps, but instead of typing in AIRT as an operator code in step 4 you type in SAFC followed by your phone number. For instance SAFC258542.

    How to buy Telkom airtime from M-Pesa

    Buying airtime to Telkom using M-Pesa is similar to Safaricom and Airtel. However, step 3 and 4 are both different. In step 3 you need to enter 777711 as a business number and in step 4 there is no operator code to enter. Instead you just enter your phone number.     

    Utilizing M-Pesa to Pay Bills and Making Bank Deposits

    Just like topping up your phone with money can be conveniently done with M-Pesa, so can paying for electricity, internet, loans and governmental services. All you need to do is to access the “Pay Bill” option in the M-Pesa menu which you will find located under the option that says “Lipa na M-pesa”.

    Here you will be asked to enter the business number of the company you are paying to as well as your account number. Below we have elaborated on this for GOTv, DSTv, NHIF, KPLC, KCB and Equity, which are all companies that are popular for M-Pesa bill payments and transfers.

    How to Pay GOTv

    Use the following business number: 423655

    The account number should be the IUC number of your decoder. You will find this on the red sticker that’s attached to the bottom of it.

    How to Pay DSTv

    Use the following business number: 444900

    The account number should be your smart card number. This is written on the card in the decoder.

    How to Pay NHIF

    Use the following business number: 200222

    The account number should be you national ID card number followed by the letter “y”. For instance, 27138634y.

    How to Pay KPLC

    Use the following business number: 888888

    The account number is simply the account number you have with KPLC.

    How to Pay KCB (transferring money to a KCB account)

    Use the following business number: 522522

    Enter the bank account number of the KCB account.

    How to Pay Equity (transferring money to an Equity account)

    Use the following business number: 247247

    Enter the bank account number of the Equity account.

    Reversing Incorrect M-Pesa Transactions

    Sending money to the wrong account can happen to anyone. Luckily Safaricom is doing hell of a good job returning money back that has been incorrectly sent. If you’ve noticed that you’ve made an error when making a transaction you can get a refund by following the below steps:

    1. Copy the text message that you received as a confirmation on your transaction
    2. Create a new text message and paste this confirmation message in it
    3. Send the message to the following number: 456

    That’s it. Safaricom will now do their best to reverse the M-Pesa transaction and refund your money as soon as possible. This is often done within minutes. However, it can take several hours or even several days at rare occasions.

    It’s important to note that Safaricom can only make a refund if the money that was sent is still in the M-Pesa account of the receiver. If it is not then there’s unfortunately nothing that can be done.

    Unblocking M-Pesa After Entering an Incorrect PIN Code

    As a security measure all M-Pesa accounts become blocked if the wrong PIN number is entered five times in a row. The only way to unblock an account is getting in touch with Safaricom’s customer service. This can be done the following ways:

    Unless you’re visiting a center you will be asked to provide your phone number, full name, identification number and current M-Pesa balance. At a center all you need is your phone number and ID. Therefore this is the only valid option if you cannot remember your account balance.

    Getting a Monthly Account Statement From M-Pesa

    If you’re interested in receiving a monthly summary of all of your M-Pesa transactions this is easily done. By following the below step-by-step guide you will have everything sent to your e-mail on the 5th of every month.

    How to get M-Pesa statements

    1. Access the M-Pesa menu by dialing *234#
    2. Select the option that says “My M-Pesa Information”
    3. Click on “M-Pesa Statement” followed by “Full Statement”
    4. Now enter your National ID card number
    5. Enter your e-mail address
    6. That’s it!

    Full List of Service Fees Involved With M-Pesa

    As mentioned a couple of times in the article, most transactions with M-Pesa come with a fee. Some services related to the payment method are, however, free of charge. To give you a complete overview, we have created a full list of all fees that exist as well as the services that are free to use.

    Withdrawing Money From an Authorized Outlet Agent
    Withdrawn Amount (KSHs)
    Fee (KSHs)
    Percentage of Fee
    1 - 49
    Can’t withdraw this amount
    50 - 100
    10% - 20%
    101 - 500
    5.4% - 26%
    501 - 1,000
    2.8% - 5.5%
    1,001 - 1,500
    1.9% - 2.8%
    1,501 - 2,500
    1.1% - 1.9%
    2,501 - 3,500
    1.4% - 2%
    3,501 - 5,000
    1.3% - 1.9%
    5,001 - 7,500
    1.1% - 1.7%
    7,501 - 10,000
    1.1% - 1.5%
    10,001 - 15,000
    1.1% - 1.6%
    15,001 - 20,000
    0.9% - 1.2%
    20,001 - 35,000
    0.5% - 0.9%
    35,001 - 50,000
    0.5% - 0.8%
    50,001 - 150,000
    0.2% - 0.6%
    Withdrawing Money From an ATM
    Withdrawn Amount (KSHs)
    Fee (KSHs)
    Percentage of Fee
    200 - 2,500
    1.4% - 17%
    2,501 - 5,000
    1.3% - 2.7%
    5,001 - 10,000
    1.1% - 2.2%
    10,001 - 20,000
    1% - 2%
    Sending Money to an Unregistered M-Pesa User
    Amount Sent (KSHs)
    Fee (KSHs)
    Percentage of Fee
    1 - 49
    50 - 100
    101 - 500
    9% - 44%
    501 - 1,000
    4.9% - 9.7%
    1,001 - 1,500
    3.9% - 5.9%
    1,501 - 2,500
    2.9% - 4.9%
    2,501 - 3,500
    3.2% - 4.5%
    3,501 - 5,000
    2.7% - 3.8%
    5,001 - 7,500
    2.2% - 3.3%
    7,501 - 10,000
    2% - 2.7%
    10,001 - 15,000
    1.8% - 2.7%
    15,001 - 20,000
    1.4% - 1.9%
    20,001 - 35,000
    0.9% - 1.5%
    35,001 - 50,000
    Can’t make such transfer
    50,001 - 150,000
    Can’t make such transfer
    Sending Money to a Registered M-Pesa User
    Amount Sent (KSHs)
    Fee (KSHs)
    Percentage of Fee
    1 - 49
    50 - 100
    101 - 500
    501 - 1,000
    1,001 - 1,500
    1.7% - 2.6%
    1,501 - 2,500
    1.6% - 2.7%
    2,501 - 3,500
    1.6% - 2.2%
    3,501 - 5,000
    1.2% - 1.7%
    5,001 - 7,500
    1% - 1.5%
    7,501 - 10,000
    0.9% - 1.2%
    10,001 - 15,000
    0.6% - 1%
    15,001 - 20,000
    0.5% - 0.7%
    20,001 - 35,000
    0.3% - 0.5%
    35,001 - 50,000
    0.2% - 0.3%
    50,001 - 150,000
    0.07% - 0.2%
    M-Pesa Services That Are Free of Charge
    - All deposits made into your M-Pesa wallet (from bank or agent)
    - Registering for an M-Pesa account
    - Buying airtime for Airtel, Safricom or Telkom
    - Checking your M-Pesa balance
    - Changing your M-Pesa PIN code
    - Signing up for monthly M-Pesa statement service

    Frequently Asked Questions About M-Pesa

    How do I link my PayPal account to M-Pesa?

    Linking your PayPal account to M-Pesa is quickly done by going to the following website:

    After visiting this page all you have to do is to login to your PayPal account and enter the mobile number connected to your M-Pesa account. A text message with a verification code will be sent to you. Enter the code and you’re all done!

    How can I withdraw money from PayPal to M-Pesa?

    To withdraw money from PayPal to M-Pesa you first of all need to link the two accounts together. Once that is done, login to your PayPal account by going to the PayPal M-Pesa page. Now click on a button that says “withdraw from PayPal” and enter the amount you would like to cash out. Confirm the transaction with a click of a button and you’re all done.

    What countries are M-Pesa supported in?

    The payment solution is currently live in the following seven countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania.

    Is it free to register for an M-Pesa account?

    Yes, it is completely free. Just visit a Safaricom retailer or an authorized agent with an ID and your mobile phone and they will set you up with an account. Do, however, note that you need to have a Safaricom sim card to have an M-Pesa account.

    How much money can I store in my M-Pesa wallet?

    The maximum amount of money that an M-Pesa account can hold is 300,000 shillings or approximately $2688.

    How do I check my M-Pesa balance?

    In the M-Pesa menu on your phone, simply click on the option that says “Check balance” and enter your PIN code. A text message will then be sent to you with your current balance.

    How can I change my PIN code on M-Pesa?

    Open up the M-Pesa menu and select the option that says “Change PIN”. Enter your current PIN and press ok. After that enter the new PIN you would like to have and confirm it. That’s it. A confirmation message will be sent as an SMS to you.

    What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn at an outlet?

    Visiting an authorized M-Pesa agent the minimum amount that can be cashed out is 51 KSHs.

    Why can I not send more than 35,000 KSHs to an unregistered user?

    This has to do with anti-money laundering laws. The Central Bank of Kenya requires that all transactions above 35,000 KSHs are made only to users who have gone through KYC (know your customer). In other words, people whose identity has been verified.

    How long can money be stored in an M-Pesa wallet?

    As long as transactions are made there is no time limit. However, if the account remains unused for two years all funds will be transferred to the UFAA (Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority) as they are considered to be abandoned.

    List of M-Pesa Outlet Agents in Kenya

    There’s an enormous amount of outlets that you can visit in Kenya that are authorized to deposit money into your M-Pesa account and allow you to make cash withdrawals. It should be anything but hard finding an agent as more or less every town has one, if not several ones. However, to help you out we have still gathered a list of M-Pesa agents for all towns in Central Kenya as well as the coast side of the country.

    M-Pesa Agents in Central Kenya

    AbokeStar Mobile
    AkadoTesia Supermarket
    AkatsaCarolma Communication
    AkhumatiboNayan Communication
    AlwalaPema Communications
    AmagoroTotal com
    AmukuraTellem Communication
    AramBamboo Communications
    Asembo bayMatrix Bussiness Consultants
    AsingeDan Phamacie
    AskotePeak Africa Ltd
    BahaiSajells Comm.Ltd
    BandaniMukmik Consultants
    BandeBlue berry wireless
    BanjaPesa Link
    Bar marketAl Haq
    Bar OberBerricom
    BarbatonAntocom Telcom Ltd
    BarkorwaAngian Communication
    BilwaniStar mobile
    BodiMuaki Pharmaceuticals
    Bokolisisto communication
    BookersRamna Enterprises Ltd
    BoroBrecone Services
    BoyaniExpress Strategies
    BudokomiYankees Ltd
    BuhuruNimocoms Ltd
    BukhalalireMinimi enterprises
    BukiriMagnum services
    BukugaMobicom-Cowawa Investments
    BukuraVWAX Enterprises
    BulandaFaricom Mercury
    BulemiaRonimer Enterprises
    BumbeBamboo Communication
    BungomaObbitel Communication Ltd
    BushiriBreacon Services
    BusiaSafaritel Ltd
    BusibwaboSikulanet Communication Ltd
    Busombi marketwalid ltd
    ButereWebb Communications
    Butere-LowerWebb Communications
    BuyanguStar mobile
    BuyofuStar mobile
    Buyofubamboo communication
    ChakalainiiMasaa Communication
    ChamakangaCrafton Enterprises
    ChangaraUltimate communication
    ChebwaiNemus Enterprises Ltd
    ChekalainiExtreme Connections
    Cheptaisnilla communications ltd
    CheptulFeljo Communications
    ChesamisKendsal Distributers
    Cheskakivital products
    ChimoiWalid Ltd
    Chula ImboExpress Strategies
    ChutberCeabud Engineering Services
    DagoFlawless Consotrium
    Daraja MbiliKut Communications
    DemesiZemu investments ltd
    Discounr KambiriJokakar Communication
    Dorofujokakar communication
    EkeroNemus (k) Enterprises Ltd
    Ekwandaextrime connections
    EluguluCrafton limited
    EmatioliExtreme Connections
    EmuhayaJobliu Telecom
    EregiJobliu Telecom
    EsibuyeErrican Comm. Ltd
    FunyulaSuperiorfones-Silky Treasures
    GambogiCosin Business System
    GangaStar Mobile
    GanjalaPhoneart Solutions
    GisambaiCossins Business servises
    GivogiAtlantic Communications
    HamisiStar Mobile
    HawingaJobliu Telecoms
    HoloPep intermedius 1
    HumaFlowles consotium
    Ikonyero Village 
    IlehoJokakar Communication
    IlesiMosir-Gaa Company Ltd
    ImangaWalid ltd
    IngotseHark Investment
    IngotseBreacone Servises
    IsongoBreacone Servises
    IsuluWebb Communication
    IvihigaKenya Assemblies of God
    JebrokKami Holdings
    JepsisiPep Intermedius Ltd
    JeraEazytalk Communication
    JeraAntocom Telcom Ltd
    KaburenguBrecone Company
    KalandiniKisasa comm
    KambiWalid Communication
    kambiriBiawmahe Investments
    KamukuywaMukmik Cosultants
    Kanduyijadedo investment
    KanyumbaRonimer enterprises
    KapkatenyTele worth Communications
    KapsokwonyFrankom Intergrated Ltd
    KaptamaYes We Can
    KawakaClean sharp ltd
    KhaungaBiawmahe ltd
    KhumatiboBrecone Services
    KhumusalabaCarolina Comm
    KhwiseroCarolina Communication
    Kibabihot spot communication
    KibisiJokakar Communication Ltd
    KiboswaKut Communications
    KibukMasaa Communication
    KimaVwax Enterprises Ltd
    KimaHark Investment
    kimaetijadedo investment
    Kimang'etiFrankom Intergrated
    KimililiComet Cyber  JP
    Kimwangaghimso enterprise
    KirituTonycom Communications
    KisianCeabud Engineering Services
    KisumuMagnum Services
    KodiereLambalo Comm
    KolenyoSheer Quality Partner
    KombewaBerricom Agencies
    KondeleCarolma Communications ltd
    KopsiroJadedo General Merchants Ltd
    KorindaSalynn Enterprises
    KoyonzoTyra Ventures
    Kumailoextrime connections
    KuywaGalen Transchem Ltd
    LigingoRominer Investment
    LolweFranclyde Co
    LuandaPep Intermedius 1&2
    LubaoNayan Limited
    LugariTonycom Ltd
    LuguluKendsall Distributors
    LuhanoStar Mobile
    LukhokhweHase Ltd
    LukoyeMuslih Telecommunacations Ltd
    LukumeDorpa enterprises
    LukusiJokakar Communication Ltd
    lung'anyiroRonimer enterprises
    LunyuJobliu Telecoms
    LunzaCapital airtime
    LurhambiBrecone Services
    Lutaso Mkt LutasoBiawmahe Investments Ltd
    LwakCarolma Communication
    lwakhakhajatel communication
    LwandetiJokakar Communication Ltd
    lwanndanyijadedo investments
    Lwanya CenterObbitel Communication Ltd
    Mabangasteps mobile conection
    MabongoNilla Comm
    MadianyDalton Trading Co
    MagadaJobliu Telecom
    Mageta IslandFlawless Consulting Consortium
    MagoCarolina Communication
    MahangaJobliu Telecom
    MajengoSamax Limited
    MakheseFaida Communication
    MakhokhoMeridian Acceptance
    MakoselwaSajjels Communications Limited
    MakungaJadedo Autorinics Merchants
    Malabaphone art solutions
    Malakisimicro wave ltd
    MalangaBamboo communication
    MalavaDigitex Communications
    MalikiFrankom Intergrated Ltd
    MalinyaWapcom Communication
    MamboleoMarket Orientation Replica
    MandaTonycom Ltd
    ManyalaPep Intermedius
    ManyattaDarchy Agencies
    MaragoliCredit Africa ltd
    MasenoFour Winds comm
    MatayosEazytalk Communication
    MatetePep Intermedius
    MatihaDorpa enterprises
    MatisiMankush Communication
    MatuloFaida Communication
    Mau MauLightening Bolt
    Mayanjavital products
    MayoniGolden Africa Tech
    MbakaloMilligan Heritage
    MbalePep intermedius Vihiga 1
    Mechimerugalen tranchem ltd
    MfupiManju Limited
    Miangastar communications
    MiloJokakar Communication Ltd
    MisikhuMilligan Heritage
    Misori BeachLatest communications
    MiwaniBerricom Agencies ltd
    MucharageHase Ltd
    MudeteFaida Communication
    MukhonjeFaida comunication Ltd
    MukumuTony Comm
    MuluandaSouthlinks Ltd
    MulukhoniMaelle Holdings
    MulwandaFabric Mobile solution
    MundikaSikulanet Communication Ltd
    Mungorehot spot communication
    MunzatsiEmgrakas Investments Ltd
    MurandaOgen Enterprises Ltd
    MureguJokakar Communication Ltd
    MurumbaStar Mobile
    MusandaBrital shine
    MusasaGuro ltd
    MusikomaHot Spot Communication
    MusoliNuclear Networks Ltd
    MwibonaSajells Comm.Ltd
    MwichioLucern Communication
    NaitiriL.M.G.I Kingdom Business Solution
    Nalondojatel communication
    NambachaHark Investments
    NambaleComet cyber
    NambobotoStar Mobile
    Namwelajadedo investments
    NanginaTai Communication
    Nasiendalexcon communication
    NasusiKendsal Distributers
    NavakholoOgen Enterprise
    NdigwaBethany Holdings
    NdivisiKenya Assemblies of God
    NgweloGalen Transchem Ltd
    NyadoreraTersia Supermarket
    NyawittaCliff Rock
    Nzoiahot spot communication
    ObamboCliffrock Ltd
    OgaloEmadi Solutions Ltd
    OjolaPep intermidius
    OlaloSajells Comm.Ltd
    OpasiTony comm
    OsiriBlue berry wireless
    Paw akucheFranclyde Co
    PipelineBlueseal Communication
    Port VictoriaBright Technologies
    Rabar centerQ Stream Enterprises
    Ragegnilucern Investment
    RamulaDalton Trading Ltd
    Rata centreLambalo comm
    RatadoBerricom Agencies
    RiatFlowles consotium
    RuambwaStar Mobiles
    Sang'alojadedo investment
    SawaMuscom communication
    SegaEazytalk Communication
    SenendeTrembo Services
    SeremWapcom Communication
    ShaindaBrecone Services
    ShamakhokhoTripple Seven Limited
    ShaviringoAtlantic Communications
    ShiandaPep Intermedius
    ShiatsalaStar Mobile
    ShibuliExtreme Connections
    ShibuyeFrance Ventures Limited
    ShilakweDorpa enterprises
    ShimanyiroSylmac Investment
    ShinyaluPema Communication
    SichorahiBiawmahe Investments
    SigalagalaJoadi Investments
    SikhenduFrankom Intergrated Ltd
    SikomaMuaki Pharmaceuticals
    SimbachaiBamboo Communications
    Sio PortStar Mobile
    Sirisiajatel communication ltd
    SisenyeObbitel Communication Ltd
    SoysambuJadedo General
    Tanga CornerBamboo Communication
    TingoloRonimer enterprises
    TswitsitwiFrankom Intergrated
    UgunjaBybarwaqo Communication
    UkwalaBerricom Agencies
    United mallKCB Bank
    UrangaLambalo Comm
    Uranga CeterCliffrock Ltd
    UrengaRonimer Enterprises
    VialuUjuzi Communication
    VihigaManga Net communication
    WebuyePhone Art solutions
    West KenyaWalid Communication
    YalaMarket orientation Simona
    YengaSafaritel Ltd

    M-Pesa Agents Around the Coast of Kenya

    BangazBetter Hope Enterprises Ltd
    BuraPlanet Communication
    Bura MissionWebb Communication
    Bura StationTopical Bookshop
    ChakambaGracerics Investments Ltd
    ChallaNakuruto Holdings
    DembwaWebb Communications
    DenyenyeMudacomm Communications
    DianiSafaricom Retail Centre Ltd
    DzomboK-Rep FSA
    EldoroPema Communications
    FazaGracerics Investments Ltd
    GarsenDaljos Digital Comm
    GaziRozacom Ltd
    GolbantiDaljos Digital Comm
    GongoniTellem communication
    HindiGracerics Investments Ltd
    HolaOne Two One Communications
    IdhoweDaljos Digital Comm
    Iriwa-MbaleFlawless Consulting Consortium
    KaloleniOtech Communications
    KanagoniTeletight Comm
    KananaJutec Communications
    KasigauBroadnett Ltd
    KibaoniGracerics Investments Ltd
    KibuyuniJophim Communications
    KikoneniK-Rep FSA
    KilifiBrit Travel
    KinangoMissisipi Communications
    KingwedeMatrix Business Consultants
    KipiniBlueberry Communication Ltd
    KitejeChandy Communications
    KombaniRicom Communications
    Kona MusaMuslih Communications
    KunguWebb Communications
    LamuBajber Stores Ltd
    LikoniPost Bank
    LukoreK-Rep FSA
    Lunga LungaWebb Communications
    Mackinon RdFlawless Consulting Consortium
    MadogoTana Teachers Sacco
    MagariniPeak Africa Telecommunication Ltd
    MambaPema Communications
    MangawaniJophim Communications
    ManyaniNilli General Supllies
    MarafaInuka Africa ltd
    MarereniChandy Communications
    MariakaniOtech Communications
    MascrapeBag Capital Ltd
    MataNakuruto Holdings
    MatugaChandy Communications
    MaunguVilcostec Enterprises
    MbaleLee Communications Ltd.
    MbololoMutonever Agencies Ltd
    MbovuJophim Communications
    Meli Kubwa-Mackinnon Town, Mombasa RDTuraco Africa Safaris
    Mghange DawidaWebb Communications
    Mghange NyikaWebb Communications
    MkapuniSmart Mobile
    MkonganiK-Rep FSA
    MokoweMasalani Communication ltd
    MombasaQamara Communications Ltd
    MpeketoniBajber Stores Ltd
    MreshinyiVital Products
    MsambweniRozacom Ltd
    MsauMilligan Heritage
    Mtito AndeiUriah Communications
    Mtongwe KDAFCO
    MwabungoMatrix Business Consultants
    MwachandeJophim Communications
    MwaluvangaMatrix Business Consultants
    MwanguluRozacom Ltd
    MwatateIn-touch Communications
    Ng'ambwa-BuraSimba Telecom
    NgaoDaljos Digital Comm
    NgomeniDaljos Digital Comm
    PeraniRozacom Ltd
    RabaiBlue Berry wireless Communications
    Rong'e JuuChandy Communications
    SagallaMeridian Acceptances
    SamburuTuraco Afrika Safaris
    ShikaadabuMudacomm  Communications
    ShimbahillsRozacom Ltd
    ShimoniExpress Strategies
    Tana riverTana Teachers Sacco
    TarasaDaljos Digital Comm
    TaruLee Communications
    Tassia-MwandaAgritrace Kenya Ltd.
    TiribeDanico Communications
    TiwiMobby Touch Ltd
    UkundaCo-operative Bank
    VangaTellem Ltd
    VoiTsavo Auto point
    Wasini IslandPema Communications
    WituLamu teachers Sacco
    WundanyiIntouch Communications