How to Play Live Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming – How Play, Have Fun & Maximise Wins

Make your dreams come true in the Live Dream Catcher wheel-of-fortune game. Time to meet some charming dealers and try your luck on the Dream Catcher wheel game by Evolution.


Live Dream Catcher is the first in its kind at Evolution Gaming. It has only been a few months since it was released but Live Dream Catcher is winning the hearts of many UK players.

What makes the game sop favourable among online casino punters is its simplicity, speed and lucrative potential wins. Take delight in Dream Catcher’s live HD streams from Riga Studios. Even better, the game is operated by real and beautiful persons, which makes it extra entertaining.

Do not miss out on all the thrilling fun that comes with Live Dream Catcher. At the moment, you will find this pleasure-pack-wheel game at multiple reliable UK online casinos.

Continue reading, we got your back, with these tips and special features of Live Dream Catcher.

Gameplay: How does Live Dream Catcher Work?

The Live Dream Catcher is about a vertically mounted Money Wheel.  The wheel comes with multiple, different colours and numbers.

To play, you bet money on the numbers which correspond with a specific colour.

Live Dream Catcher comes with 54 segments,of which two are multiplier values. An x7multiplier and an x2multiplier. Time to test your wheel and reveal the winner in you.

Betting timeis limited. Start wagering when the tab above the virtual boardturns green. Once the betting time runs out, the bar above will turn yellowto show the outcome of the spin.

In Dream Catcher, it is only you against a charismatic host, who entertain you as they spin the wheel of fortune.  Will, you get a lucky break and win in this betoken live slot game?

Where do I play Live Dream Catcher?

Games by Evolution Gaming are very popular and are offered in a majority of casinos. Almost all casinos that offer Evolution games will have Live Dream Catcher.

Please check out our list of the best UK live online casinos to play this and other exciting casino games. Sign up on any of our most trusted online casinos to enjoy welcome bonuses and other benefits.

How to Play Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher’s gameplay is meant to fit all modern novice casino players.

Your turn will start with a round of betting. You can place a bet on all numbers – 1,2,5,10,20and 40.The larger the number, the fewer times it will appear on the Wheel of Fortune. Somehow, this makes the chances of winning a bit smaller.

However, when you win, you win big. Even a simple win give you quite the victorious feeling.

A win means your stake is multiplied by the number you placed your bet on. For maximum wins, bet on the number 20 or 40.

For example:

  • Bet £5 on number 2 and if it lands, you win 2 x £5, – =£10,-
  • Bet £2 on number 10 and if it hits, you win 10 x £2 =£20
  • Bet £1 on number 40 and if it hits, you win 40 x £1 = £40

In Live Dream Catcher, betting low on the highest number will give you the biggest win.

During the betting rounds, you can place bets on multiple numbers. This way, you are able to spread your chances of winning.

At the end of the betting round, the friendly host will spin the Wheel of Fortune to see which number will win.  All your winnings are deposited to your account automatically before a new round starts.

Throughout the game, the dealer will keep you entertained. If you have any questions, chat it out with the host – they are friendly.

How to Bet Money on the Money Wheel

At the start of every round, you must place a bet. Make your stake by placing chips on the numbers you want to choose. The chips are of value:

  • £1
  • £5
  • £25
  • £500
  • £1000

Just select the chip you want to play with and click on the numbers you wish to bet.  You will also find other extra features like “Repeat”or “Double”.Select these options if you want to order the same bet as the previous round.

What about the Multipliers?

You will love the two multipliers on the Wheel of Fortune: 2x and 7x.  If the wheel stops on the multiplier, your playout multiplies by the respective multiplier.


  • For a £5 bet on 20, you will have a total of £5 x 20 = £100 but if the multiplier landed the spin before, you will win £700 or £200.
  • For a £10 bet on number 40, you will win 40 x £10 = £400 but if the multiplier landed the spin before, you get away with £2800 or £800

When the feel of fortune stops on a multiplier twice or more times consecutively, all your stakes will remain in position and the multiplier turns into a stack.


If the wheel stops on an x7 multiplier and the x2 multiplier one after the other, your total potential win is x14!

A £5 bet on number 20 gets you 5 x £20 = £100.

£100X 14 = £1400

What about the Numbers on the Wheel of Fortune?

You will notice that some numbers appear way often than others. Here’s how many times each number appears on the wheel of fortune.

  • 1 – 23 times (Yellow)
  • 2 – 15 times (Blue)
  • 5 – 7 times (Purple)
  • 10 – 4 times (Green)
  • 20 – 2 times (Orange)
  • 40 – 1 time (Red)
  • 1×7 Multiplier – (Black/Yellow)
  • 1×2 Multiplier – (Black/Silver)

Betting on higher numbers – 20 and 40 is a significant risk but the potential wins are a lucrative deal. However, placing bets on low numbers comes with more chances of winning.

Live Dream Catcher Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Spacebar– Press space to repeat your most recent bet. Press twice if you wish to double the most recent bet.
  2. Numbers– Press 1 to pick the left-most chip and press 2 for a second chip.
  3. Delete– Press delete to cancel your most recent bet. Remove all bets from your screen by pressing Delete for 3 seconds.
  4. Undo– You can undo your bet by pressing control + Z
  5. Escape– Use escape to exit full-screen mode, close any pop-up screen or open the lobby.

So, should you play Live Dream Catcher? The Verdict

Yes – there is a lot of fun to explore on Live Dream Catcher. With little to no complex rules, this game is easy to understand. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player.

Live Dream Catcher is well-designed and playable on all available mobile devices and desktops. So, waste no time and enjoy yourself on Dream Catcher’s colourful studio and appealing dealers.

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