How do I become a casino dealer?

How do I become a casino dealer?Do you want to be a casino dealer? Here’s what you need to know.

Working as a casino dealer is a very attractive career option. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic environment, with plenty of opportunities to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds. Like any career, it’s important to do your research and get a feel for working within the gaming industry. Equipped with insights, you can make the career choices that best satisfy your expectations. Read these handy tips for you to consider before you take any actions.

The casino industry and you – are you made for each other?

Get started by researching what it’s really like to work as a casino dealer – do you know what a dealer does? It is the dealer’s responsibility to make sure the game they’re running – anything from poker to roulette and blackjack – plays out efficiently and contributes to a player’s enjoyment. You’re going to meet lots of people and your personality is key to their enjoyment of the game, whether online or at a physical gaming table. Therefore, you will need to love engaging with people; first-class communication skills combined with an ability to manage players’ different personalities.

You’ll be required to have a head for figure work that requires the facility for speedy calculation combined with a mental agility that supports focus and concentration. Consider your physical fitness, too, if you want to work in a bricks/mortar casino because you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet. Give some consideration to the hours a casino dealer works – it might not be the career for you if you prefer more standardised business hours, as working hours can cover up to 24 hours. Check out the working conditions plus the employee benefits packages available.

Is training available?

The types of training vary depending on individual companies, but it’s fair to say that many off and online casino businesses provide bespoke training. There are also independent casino dealer courses, lasting on average 8 weeks, which equip you with the skills needed to apply for dealer roles. The games vary in difficulty – blackjack is accepted as an easy one to master, whereas poker and its variations will take longer to gain proficiency in. Whichever course you might opt for, be mindful that while you can get up to speed with the skills needed, the qualities necessary to be a successful casino dealer you should already have – these can be developed and honed as you progress in your career.

How much will you make as a casino dealer?

There will be variations in pay-scales dependent on who you’re working for, but it’s reasonable to say that for new dealers you can expect a salary – outside London – between £15k to £17k, with inner London around £20k. If you want to progress in your career and become a pit manager, who has responsibility for managing gaming tables/staff, the starting salary averages £21-23k but can rise significantly higher as your responsibilities increase.

As well as the basic salary, you can expect to earn extra monies through tips. The number of tips you make will depend on how happy the players are, and it’s not impossible to make around £500 per month, taking into consideration where you’re based. In the simplest terms, the best croupiers will make the most tips and those croupiers provide a fun environment for players. Take into account that many players use off and online casinos for social interaction as much as gambling – they may perceive the two as interlinked. Therefore, the successful croupiers have engaging personalities and run their tables without a hitch – if you deal winning hands and/or spins, that can encourage players to be generous so you can benefit from their wins. As your confidence and experience increases, you can expect to get a kick out of seeing your tips car regularly overflowing!

Your first job as a casino dealer

Some casino training programs/schools offer, as part of the curriculum, opportunities to apply for relevant vacancies. You can also check out job boards, which include:

Moving up the casino ladder

If you’ve identified this is the job type for you, it’s likely you want to know more about forging a career path in the casino industry. Apply a hard-work ethic and develop your skills and qualities as you progress – then you can think about applying for supervisory roles after a couple of years’ experience, before moving onto pit boss jobs and management roles in the £40+k salary range. There are options to work as a games inspector within the online gaming industry.

Use this guide to get started on what could be a new and exciting career within a dynamic industry.

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