Novomatic Casinos

Even though Novomatic is one of the oldest and most successful companies in the gambling industry, this legendary beast is still unknown to many thrill seekers. Founded all the way back in 1980, it’s a game provider most commonly recognized for being a long lasting market leader when it comes to slots and other gaming solutions at land based casinos.

With over 30000 employees and a massive empire stretching its way through more than 40 different countries, the online vertical of the casino universe has, however, not gone them unnoticed. Over a hundred Novomatic slots can be found online and even though these are often very simple in their designs, many casino enthusiasts absolutely love them.

Finding a Novomatic casino is not as easy as one would initially think though. They may be one of the largest game providers in the industry, but only a few gambling sites are actually offering their products. Luckily for you, we at have gathered some of the best Novomatic casinos found online and listed these below.

Best Novomatic casinos listed and reviewed

With thorough research and many years of experience of the online casino industry, we at know what thrill seekers want. With this knowledge we have gathered what we with confidence can say are some of the best Novomatics casinos. You’ll find these high quality sites, guaranteed to give you a world class gambling experience, conveniently listed below.

Best Casinos


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What makes these Novomatic casinos the best?

Not only do they offer a wide range of slots from Novomatic, which the vast majority of casino sites don’t, but they excel in every area that may have an impact on your gambling experience. We’re talking about things such as game selection, customer support, loyalty rewards, bonus offers, withdrawal times, mobile adaption, security and payment methods.

While there’s no question that many gambling sites are doing a fantastic job with some of these factors, they usually fall short on at least one. The Novomatic casinos that we list do, however, not. This is what makes them better than most and also why they are guaranteed to give you a first class gambling experience no matter what particular feature you’re looking for.

To give you a better understanding of this, the below table is giving you an overview of what you can expect from all of our listed Novomatic casinos. Some may of course fit your personal preference better than others, but regardless of which site you pick we can assure that you will be very pleased.

Why isn’t the average rating 5 stars on every factor?

Some of our listed Novomatic casinos simply aren’t doing quite as good as others on certain factors, even though they are in fact doing an awesome job. Withdrawals are for example instant with some sites, while others have a 24 hour waiting period. Both are great processing times, but one is of course a little bit better.

How often can I expect new Novomatic games to be added to these casinos?

No matter what site you pick you can expect them to be instantly added as soon as they are released by the game provider. Remember, these are all top Novomatic operators for a reason!

Top 3 welcome bonuses at Novomatic casinos

As a veteran gambler you probably already know that bonus offers can be very valuable to use. Should you be a new explorer to the exciting world of casino, you should, however, know that these bonuses are the very best way to increase your long term chances of winning.

Why Novomatic casinos offer bonuses, how they work and other important facts about them can be found further down on the page. As a rookie we highly suggest casting an eye over this section as the vast majority of promotional offers come with terms and conditions that are crucial to know about.

The most valuable offers are usually welcome bonuses that only newly registered players are able to take part of. All of the Novomatic casinos that we list have very lucrative ones. Personally we would recommend signing up with all of these sites just to be able to grab these advantageous offers.

Whether you’re interested in doing this or not you have to start somewhere though. To give you the best possible start of your casino journey, we have therefore listed what we believe are the three most valuable welcome bonuses offered by Novomatic casinos.

What is it that makes these bonus offers so valuable?

There are many things that make them great such as low or no wagering requirements and receiving free spins just for having an account created (LeoVegas). What’s making them must-haves is, however, the fact that your deposited money and winnings made from these can always be withdrawn at any time. You’re not being restricted whatsoever.

To cash out you may have to cancel the bonus and lose the extra value you’ve received from it. The beauty of it all is, however, that your real money is never locked behind a wagering requirement. This only has to be fulfilled once you start playing for the received bonus, which more or less acts as an extra lifeline to your gambling experience.

If you haven’t heard about a wagering requirement before, you can learn more about this further down on the page. Here we have gathered answers to a bunch of frequently asked and important questions concerning Novomatic casinos and the experience at these.

Quick facts about Novomatic as a game provider

  • The company was founded all the way back in 1980 by the Austrian businessman Johann Graff.
  • According to Forbes’ list of billionaires, Johann is in the top 150 with a net worth of over $10 billion.
  • More than 30000 people are employed at Novomatic, spread among offices in more than 40 different countries around the world.
  • For the year 2018 the company had total revenue of 5 billion euros. That’s about a hundred times more than NetEnt.
  • Novomatic has long been the market leading manufacturer of land based casino games.
  • As of 2019 about 350 slots have been created by the company. It is, however, rare to find more than a hundred different ones offered online at Novomatic casinos.
  • Most people know Novomatic by their slots, but gambling machines is far from the only product that the company is involved with. They also provide table games, lotteries and platforms for sportsbook. On top of this they also develop and sell various management systems.
  • Perhaps the most renowned slot by Novomatic is Book of Ra which was released in 2004. In 2016 this was more or less copied by Play’n GO (Book of Dead) and ever since there has been a huge amount of games released by various providers using the same mechanics.
  • Novomatic own and operate several land based casinos around the world. They opened their first one in Switzerland in 1989 and also have one in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Chile, Slovenia, Spain and Croatia.
  • At the 2015 affiliate conference known as ICE, Novomatic had created a massive showcase booth of 4500 sqm; the largest one that any igaming show had ever seen.
  • Since the launch of the organization, Novomatic has bought and acquired more than 25 different companies in the gambling industry.
  • Even though the provider is loved by many and quite the beast in the gambling industry, only a few online casinos offer Novomatic’s games.


Characteristic features of slots from Novomatic

Compared to many popular game providers, such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play’n GO, there are quite a few things that separate Novomatic’s slots from the pack. To put it simply, playing their games is kind of like travelling 20 years back in time. It may seem shocking seeing as the company is a beast in the industry, but most of their slots are actually very basic in their designs.

A part from themes that differ from one another, many games are also quite similar. You’ll usually only find one or two simplistic features included in them. It is for instance quite common to find paylines as a winning mechanic and free spins with either a multiplier or expanding symbols as the only bonus feature.

When it comes to visuals and audio, the vast majority of Novomatic’s games are also miles away from state of the art slot developers. Traditional and typical casino sounds are commonly re-used as various effects and in many of the slots there is no music included at all.

While some of Novomatic’s newest creations are using modern animations that are pleasing to look at, they are nowhere near the standard of providers like NetEnt or Yggdrasil. Most of their games are also much more basic than this with graphics that certainly won’t impressive anyone these days.

Another characteristic that is quite typical for Novomatic is that low paying symbols are frequently represented by the traditional card suits A, K, J, 10 and 9. Almost all of their games are using these. The vast majority, if not all of their slots are also using a gamble feature. In other words the possibility to double up a win by guessing if a turned over playing card will be of a red or a black suit.

Last but not least, Novomatic’s slots are very different from most popular game providers’ when it comes to RTP. The industry standard for online slots is 96-97%, but with Novomatic almost none of their games have a payback percentage this high. While the vast majority of their slots are at 95%, some actually go as low as 92%.


Top 5 Novomatic games

As much as Novomatic certainly won’t win any prizes for developing the most innovative or visually appealing slots, they have created a couple of games that a lot of casino enthusiasts absolutely love. For many it’s the high volatility and potential to pay several thousand times the stake that speaks to these players, while others simply prefer a more classic design over a modern one.

Their slot series known as Book of Ra (including classic, magic, deluxe and deluxe 6) is probably the most appreciated one among Novomatic fans. What many don’t know is that this popular game series, introduced all the way back in 2004 was used as inspiration when Play’n GO created Book of Dead in 2016. As you may or may not know, this slot quickly became a huge success and still is today.

To give you a good introduction of the simple, but thrilling world of Novomatic, we have listed 5 of their most played games below.

Pros and cons of Novomatic’s games


+ Many slots have the potential to pay several thousand times the chosen bet amount
+ Their games are perfect for those who are fans of traditional slots with few features and classic designs
+ With more than a hundred different slots available online there’s a lot to choose from
+ There’s a gamble feature included in the vast majority of games, if not in every game


A lot of slots have an RTP that is much lower than the average slot RTP from the most popular game providers
Most of the slots use paylines as a winning mechanic. Only a few use megaways and none are using clusters
If you’re looking for a modern experience you won’t find it here. Slots are very basic in their designs

Frequently asked questions about Novomatic casinos

Below we have listed and answered a bunch of questions that are frequently asked by new as well as experienced thrill seekers. This should cover all of the most important things that you need to know about when gambling at a Novomatic casino online.

Is it a good idea to use bonuses offered by Novomatic casinos?

It depends on the type of bonuses being offered and your preferred play style, but in general it’s definitely a good idea to use bonuses. These will always give you some kind of added value, which in the long run will increase your chances of winning.

When should I not use a bonus?

To answer this it’s important to know that more or less every bonus at Novomatic casinos come with certain terms and conditions. Included among these it’s quite common to find a wagering requirement that will prevent you from making a withdrawal until this has been completed.

If you’re not a fan of being restricted in such a way and would like to be able to cash out whenever you want, this is probably the only good reason for not grabbing a bonus offer. Not all wagering requirements will, however, restrict you in a bad way.

By playing at any of the best Novomatic casinos listed by us here at, the wagering requirements the bonuses come with will never be of any disadvantage to you.

What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement is a commonly used bonus condition mainly found on offers that in one way or another give you cash or free spins. What it means is that you’re being forced to stake a certain amount of money before you’re able to make a withdrawal.

It may for instance be that you have deposited £100 and received an additional £100 in bonus. Should this offer come with a wagering requirement of 30x, you would have to stake a total of £3000 (30 * £100) before being able to request a cash out.

How do I know if a wagering requirement is good or bad?

There are basically two types of wagering requirements. One that is hard-locking your own, deposited money as well as the received bonus cash and one that is only hard-locking the bonus balance. The last mentioned one is the one used on all of our listed Novomatic casinos’ bonuses and is never to any disadvantage to you.

The practical difference between the two of them is the option that you have when you win with your own deposited cash. This is usually used before any received bonus balance. If the wagering requirement is hard-locking your deposit as well as the bonus you will never be able to cash out any of your winnings until the wagering requirement has been fulfilled.

With the other type of wagering requirement, on the other hand, you can choose to cash out any winnings made by your own cash whenever you want. By just cancelling the bonus you will get to keep all of the winnings made from these (which otherwise isn’t the case) and make a withdrawal of them.

This way you’re only forced to complete the wagering requirement if you would like to cash out the received bonus as well. In other words, you’re not being restricted in any way at all and have nothing to lose grabbing the bonus.

What type of bonuses can I find at Novomatic casinos?

There are many different ones and these can vary quite a lot from one gambling site to another. As a new player you will, however, always receive a welcome bonus. This is usually extra valuable and will normally give you extra money or free spins when making your first deposit.

With some gambling sites you’re also able to receive a free gift for just having an account created. A popular Novomatic casino offering a no deposit bonus like this is LeoVegas. They will instantly give you 20 free spins when signing up with them.

In addition to the welcome offers, all of the Novomatic casinos that we recommend regularly run valuable promotions that anyone can take part of. These can include anything from competitions like slot tournaments, to lottery draws where exotic trips around the world can be won and campaigns where certain quests have to be completed to receive free spins.

You can also find promotions giving you money back on net losses that you’ve had, as well as many other types of bonuses that aren’t as easily categorized. Not only is there a lot of value to be had with these promotional offers, but they can also add a lot of excitement to the gambling experience.

How do slot tournaments work?

This can vary between casinos, but you’ll often find these tournaments running in regular intervals throughout the day. They are completely free to participate in and if you place well in them you could win hundreds of free spins or in some cases even thousands of pounds in pure cash.

The tournaments are quite straight forward. Once they start you’ll be given a limited number of spins (which you have to pay for yourself) on a selected slot. With these spins all you have to do is to get lucky. You’ll receive points for certain achievements, such as getting a big win or three wins in a row.

At the end of the tournament, which is usually time limited, the players who have gathered the most points will get a share of the prize pool. To keep track of your standings, there’s a leaderboard automatically updating your position as you compete.


Why are Novomatic casinos offering bonuses?

That’s a great question to ask considering the fact that these can be very valuable for players. Knowing how extremely competitive the online casino industry is it’s actually quite obvious though. To be able to survive gambling sites have to attract and retain players somehow and when we as thrill seekers have hundreds of Novomatic casinos to choose from that’s not an easy task.

Even though bonus offers is a cost for gambling sites, these have proven to be very efficient marketing tools. The fact of the matter is that casinos are more or less required to offer these. It’s no wonder though. As casino enthusiasts many of us are looking to get as much value as possible and if a gambling site wasn’t offering any bonuses we probably wouldn’t visit it no matter how good it is.

In other words, casinos are offering bonuses as an efficient way to compete with each other.


I never win when I gamble – are the casino games rigged?

If you play at a legit and licensed gambling site, like any of the Novomatic casinos that we list and recommend, all casino games are proven to be 100% fair. If you haven’t won it’s simply because lady luck hasn’t been very nice to you. When it’s going bad it’s easy to question the legitimacy, but the fact of the matter is that casino games are all about luck and sometimes really bad losing streaks can occur.

With that being said, it is important to know that you’ll always have the odds turned against you when playing casino. All games have an RTP that is less than 100%, which means that in the long run you are expected to lose. That’s how the casinos make their money.


What is RTP?

RTP is a term that stands for Return to Player and is a percentage based value that can be found in all casino games offered by legitimately licensed Novomatic casinos. The vast majority of slots have an RTP around 96%. This means that for every £100 staked you’re expected to get £96 back. In other words, the casino has an edge of 4%.


What does it mean for a casino to be legitimately licensed?

As a British thrill seeker it means that the gambling site is approved by the British online gambling regulator known as the UK Gambling Commission. All casinos offering their services to British citizens are required to apply for and receive a license from this entity. If they don’t have this license in possession it’s illegal for them to allow residents playing with them.


What purpose does the UK Gambling Commission serve?

They first and foremost exist to protect you as a player and to prevent underage gambling from occurring. For casinos to be approved and licensed by this entity they have to follow a long list of strict guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • All casino games have to be tested by an independent organization and proven to be 100% fair
  • The gambling site has to have SSL protection and other safe guards making it hacker proof
  • Player funds must be kept on a separate bank account than the casino’s operating cash
  • Terms and conditions have to be stated with every bonus offer and must be easy to understand

Should a casino operate in a questionable way, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will immediately take action. They will also assist you should you ever have a dispute with a casino that can’t be resolved.


Can I play at a Novomatic casino that isn’t licensed by the UK Gambling Commission?

You can indeed. There are no legal penalties for doing so, but it’s definitely not recommended as you’ll always be taking a risk. It may be completely safe for you to play, but as the site will be operating illegally there is no one to protect you from being scammed.


How do I know if a Novomatic casino is legitimately licensed?

By choosing any of the ones that we have listed on top of the page you can always be sure as we would never recommend a gambling site that doesn’t have a valid license. You can, however, also find out if a casino is licensed in the UK by going to the footer of their website. If the casino is legitimately licensed you will always find a logo of the UK Gambling Commission as well as the casino’s unique license number posted here.

Do I have to make a deposit to play at Novomatic casinos?

Usually you don’t. It’s quite common for gambling sites to offer demo versions of the vast majority of their games. If they do, you can try out the games without making a deposit by just clicking on them and choosing to play them for free. You’ll then be given demo credits to play for which can be instantly renewed at any time by just reloading the game.

To be able to play at a casino, whether you’re playing for real cash or trying out demo versions, it is, however, important to know that you have to have a verified account with the gambling site. This is one of the many rules that the UK Gambling Commission have enforced upon casinos.


How do I verify my account at Novomatic casinos?

To verify your player account you will be asked to upload a photo copy of a valid identification under your account profile. This could for instance be a driver’s license or a passport.


How long does it take until my account is verified?

Usually this is done within 24 hours, but could in some cases take a bit longer. Unfortunately this process can rarely be sped up.


Why do I have to verify my account?

It’s one of the many rules that the UK Gambling Commission require online casino websites to follow. It exists to prevent things like money laundering and underage gambling.


Why am I asked to cash out using a certain method?

You are most likely asked to cash out using the same payment method as you have deposited with. This is yet another rule enforced by the UK Gambling Commission, known as a closed loop policy. It exits to prevent money laundering and states that any amount deposited from a certain account (whether it’s a bank or e-Wallet account) must also be returned back to that same account.