Interesting and Surprisingly Common Casino Superstitions

casino superstitions

It’s Friday the 13th today! Although we live in a world dominated by modern technology, the simple fact of the matter is that some ancient beliefs still continue into the present day.

For example, according a Daily Mail article, more than 50 per cent of all adults will avoid stepping on cracks within the pavement in order to ward off bad luck. More than four out of ten touch wood or will not walk underneath a ladder. It therefore makes perfect sense that these beliefs have translated into the world of gambling. Let’s take a look at some interesting rituals in order to better appreciate how habits shape the ways in which we play our favourite games.

The Lucky Number 7

This is perhaps one of the most pervasive superstitions within the world of gaming. You might be surprised to learn that many cultures have attached a mythical quality to this number. There are seven days in a week, seven colours in a rainbow and seven continents. Some research even suggests that the average human mind can retain up to seven facts at any given time. It therefore stands to reason that hitting a seven in blackjack or encountering a pair of sevens during a poker hand is considered lucky by many players.

Lucky Charms and Colours?

Many of us possess some type of lucky charm. Whether referring to a rabbit’s foot, a favourite coin or even a pair of lucky dice, we believe that such trinkets will enable us to walk away a winner. In fact, certain players will not even walk into a casino without these items. It is interesting to note that there may be some truth behind such practices. When we believe that luck is “on our side”, we tend to think clearer and to take chances. So, don’t discard that rabbit’s foot just yet!

Lucky colours is another interesting category. In truth, all of us have a preferred colour or tone. Some players will wear a specific tie or even a certain pair of socks before hitting the tables. While there is no definitive proof that one colour is more popular than the others in terms of luck, some believe that red is the most fortuitous due to the fact that it is associated with life and vigour.

Repeatable Routines and Trademark Accessories

We are all slaves to our routines in one form or another. Even poker pros have them! 2012 WSOP champion Greg Merson wore a different jersey during every day of competition. Poker legend Sam Farha could rarely be seen within a “lucky” cigarette dangling from his lips. 2011 World Series of Poker winner Pius Heinz were the exact same sweater for the entirety of the tournament. Perhaps most interestingly, Johnny Chan always carried an orange with him during the games. All of these superstitions arose from the belief that their presence would bring about a windfall during gameplay. Considering the fact that these individuals represent true champions within the industry, who are we to doubt?

Bad luck in Love, Good Luck at Gambling? 

There is another superstition which involves the inverse relationship between love and gambling. Some feel that bad luck in love will have the exact opposite effect when hitting the casinos; as if one side somehow balances out the other. Of course, this is certainly a matter of perspective. Perhaps such a belief arises from the increased chances that one is more likely to travel to a casino if there is no romance at home.

Changing One Game for Another 

“I need to take a step away.” This is a very common phrase heard within countless casinos (both the physical venues as well as online casinos). Some believe that there is only a limited amount of luck associated with each game. When their allotted luck runs out, they move on to another platform. This is commonly seen during a prolonged losing streak at poker. Some players feel that if they migrate to a game of slots, they will be able to recuperate their funds.

Physical Actions

Many players physically exhibit superstitious behaviour. Some of the most well-known rituals include:

  • Crossing fingers
  • Blowing on dice
  • Stacking the chips in a specific manner
  • Calling for a certain face card value or number

Of course, none of these practices will have any definitive impact upon the outcome of the game. They are nonetheless performed by both professionals and novices alike.

The fact of the matter is that humans are superstitious by their very nature. The practices mentioned above are certainly not going to disappear overnight. So, why not bring that rabbit’s foot along or continue to bet on the lucky number 7? Such beliefs certainly cannot hurt!

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