Why bingo is not only for grandma

If you thought that bingo is only for grandma, you are wrong. Online bingo is for everyone; it is fun, with simple rules. Here’s why you should try out playing bingo.

More and more people are choosing bingo as their favourite game. Everyone is crazy about online bingo sites.Why? We are about to share some amazing facts about online bingo.

The game of bingo is played throughout the world. There are millions of people who have pushed away all other games and fully indulge in bingo. It is estimated that the UK has one of the highest numbers of online bingo enthusiasts.

Bingo has come a long way from its starting days in Italy, where it began as a lottery game. People have been enjoying the game of bingo for centuries.

You might have seen in movies; elderly women seated in a room, crossing out numbers and shouting ‘bingo!’ That is no longer the case in online bingo. Here, you play anywhere, anytime and in whatever outfit you like.

10 Fun Facts about Bingo

  1. Why do players yell “BINGO!” when they win? It all started when a player accidentally screamed out “BINGO” during a game of Beano.
  2. Beano is the original title of “BINGO.”
  3. Bingo was called ‘Beano’because players used beans when marking the raffled numbers on their cards.
  4. The earliest online bingo games were Bingo Zone (1996) and Bingo Blitz (1998).
  5. According to legend, Professor Carl Leffler of Columbia University went insane when he tried to make 6000 bingo cards have numbers that don’t repeat.
  6. In the UK, Bingo Cards are also called “Housie.”
  7. It is estimated that there are 3 million people in the UK playing bingo every day.
  8. Online bingo sites use a Random Number Generator instead of regular bingo balls.
  9. The Germans discovered the benefits of playing bingo back in the 1800s. They used the game as a fun and educational method for children to learn the multiplication table.
  10. Research indicates that up to 96% of regular bingo players have scored the jackpot prize at least once in their gaming lifetime.

Why bingo is good for young people

Cognitive abilities

Are you one of those people who search for their pen while still holding it? Do you struggle to concentrate on one thing at a time and complete tasks? Playing bingo once in a while can help.

Although bingo is a simple game, it still requires high mental concentration and keenness.  You must pay attention to notice calls and quickly check your bingo cards.

Research indicates that bingo will improve your short-term memory and cognitive abilities. You don’t have to be a genius to play and win on a game of bingo. –But playing will probably make you smarter and sharper!

You will get the better eye-hand coordination

Have you been called clumsy? Do you usually drop things and spill the tea?  Don’t’ panic – just try improving your eye-hand coordination with bingo.

The game of bingo is speedy and repetitive, which will ultimately improve your hand-eye use. Over time, you will be able to unite your motor and visual skills in your everyday activities.

Get social

Many online bingo games also come with a chat feature. So, you can make friends with other bingo enthusiasts.

Talk with your friends in the chat room while enjoying your bingo game.  You can also chat with unfamiliar players and share your bingo zeal.  There are people who have found their ‘best bingo buddy’ chatting and playing online.

Play for huge jackpots anywhere, anytime

With online bingo, you can play anywhere and anytime.  So, you can play for bingo jackpots anywhere, in your spare time. With bingo, it’s possible to win millions while waiting in a queue, sitting in your local bar or lazing in your house.

Sorting Cards is smooth and easy

Land-based bingo rooms are hectic; with people shouting as they sort and track their cards. Fortunately, this is not the case with online bingo.

Everything in online bingo is automated, so the cards you are playing are easily tracked by the bingo software.

Free online bingo games

Do not miss out on free online bingo games! Log in to one of the major casinos to find exciting free bingo games. Playing free games also helps you to familiarise yourself with the rules of bingo.

Enjoy bigger pay out odds

Of course, online bingo comes with better pays than land-based halls.  Expect a higher pay out percentage when you play bingo online.

Also look out for real money bingo sites that also come with bonuses.Bonus cash gives you more time on your favourite game and increases your chances of winning. Just remember to read the wagering requirements before accepting a bonus on your bingo game.

Smoking is allowed

For those who enjoy bingo with cigars that ‘NO SMOKING’ sign can be a turn-off. Well – since you play online bingo from your desired location, you are free to light one up for the game.

Online bingo is less annoying

There are a few cons that come with playing land-based bingo. There is always that one person in the room that gets on our nerves so we cannot focus, others will take over all the table space and some react too explicitly to wins and losses.

With online bingo, you don’t have to worry about interference from other players.  You also don’t have to worry about someone messing with your cards.

So how do I play bingo?

The game is quite straight-forward.  Just remember to be polite in the chat room, make withdrawals on time, claim bonuses and have fun! Also, link your bingo account to your social media handles and share your progress with friends.

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