What Kind of Person is an Average UK Online Gambler?

As seen in our statistics, different gamblers have different taste of games.  But it is not all gold as some end up on the wrong sides of gambling due to lack of awareness.

That is why, in this report, Casino Websites presents crucial insight on gambling trends.  The aim of this report is to provide a deeper look into different wagering habits, game preferences and any other trends related to UK gamblers.

How many online gamblers are there in the UK?

Out of the total UK population of about 49 million, online gamblers make up for 44%. Research shows that there are more male than female gamblers, with 18-29-year-olds being the most.

The efficient internet connection across the country makes it easy for gamblers to access online casinos. This means that people can delight in their favourite casino games; anywhere and anytime.   Whether you are waiting at a queue, riding in the subway or in a restaurant waiting on a late date.

Studies show that the leading form of media consumption after work in the UK is browsing the internet. Therefore, while about 29% gamble online once a month, 24% will do it several times in a week and about 7% will play a game online every day.

Which games do the average UK gambler prefer?

The lotto has remained as a top-favorite sport for UK online gamblers; almost 50% of all gamblers are lotto enthusiasts.  Sports betting is enormously popular; with football games evoking the highest participation. Live sports betting has only existed for a while but about 26% of UK punters are already enjoying it.

Not surprisingly, betting on horse racing remains popular. The Britons have been derby enthusiasts for decades now. Bingo, online slots, blackjack/ roulette and different variations of poker are all popular casino games.

Statistic shows that UK gamblers handle their money responsibly

In the world of online gambling, proper money management skills are a must.  Most pros (people who make a living out of gambling) have a money management strategy.

Statistics show that at least 58% of online gamblers spend on a fixed bankroll and never go past it.  Meanwhile, 35% confirmed to be playing only for a fixed amount of time.

How gambling affecting the average relationship in the UK

People with balanced gambling habits seem to also do fairly well in their work and family relationships. Recent data shows that most online gamblers are either married or in a relationship. About 32% are still single and only 6% are divorced.

What about gambling addiction in the UK?

Unfortunately, there is a group of people who instead of enjoying, have fallen victims to the pleasures on gambling online. It is disappointing, that about 9% of punters agree to gamble without thinking and 30% play for as long as they like, without limits.

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