What is the highest payout casino game?

What is the highest payout casino game?

What is the highest payout casino game?

For many players, gambling at a casino, whether online or land-based, is about having fun. However, for a much greater number of players the aim is to win as much as possible. The variety of casino games to choose from is wide, but there are some which offer the highest payout percentage and those with the lowest house edge.

What is Payout Percentage?

Whether you play online or at a land-based casino, you’ll often find details of casino games payout percentage. This figure relates to the percentage of winnings a player can expect to win, in relation to the amount wagered. Payout percentages are usually audited, verified and approved by a regulatory body. It’s also possible to find information relating to RTP. Theoretical Return to Player figures relate to the expected long term payout rate a game may have.

What is the House Edge?

Also known as the house advantage, it is one of the fundamental principles of gambling that players should understand. Whatever game is being played, a player puts up a stake and bets against the casino. If the casino wins, it gets to keep the stake, and if it loses the stake is paid back to the player. Casino games are essentially games of chance, with a few involving a certain level of skill. Built into every casino game is something known as the house edge. In effect, this means that over time the casino will always be the winner. The casino doesn’t win every game, but the odds are in its favour. For anyone looking for the best casino game to play, finding one with the lowest house edge will work in your favour.

Now you’ve got a basic understanding of the two most important principles, we’ll look at them both in relation to a number of different games.


This is a very popular table game that involves a player predicting the slot a ball will land in. It is one of the most popular games played both on and offline and is instantly recognisable. Various versions of the game can be played, but the most common are American and European. The odds are much better when playing European roulette because there is only one zero on the wheel. There are two types of bet that can be placed, inside and outside bets. Outside bets have a better chance of winning but the payouts are much smaller. Inside bets, on the other hand are less likely to win, but when they do the payout will be much bigger.


This is a dice game which is popular all over the world. It’s a game that relies heavily on chance and the outcome of the dice cannot be affected in any way. Many players are fooled into thinking the game is really easy, but the combination and number of bets that can be placed make it a very complicated game to learn. Gaining an understanding of the house edge, the odds and the possible payouts will be a way to gain an advantage. The house edge can vary considerably, depending on the bet being made. For some bets it drops to zero, while for others it can be in double figures. Smart players will choose bets with a lower house edge. The game itself actually offers some of the lowest house edges of all casino games. For example, a don’t pass/don’t come bet has a house edge of just 1.4%.


Also known as 21, this is a card game which can be played with a number of players. The aim of the game is for players to take it in turns to play against the dealer. The game can be played with one or several decks of cards. There are three ways in which to beat the dealer. With the first two cards dealt get 21 points and the dealer doesn’t. Beat the dealers final score, but not exceed 21. Allow the dealer to draw extra cards and exceed 21. The more decks that are played with, the lower your chances of winning. Find a single deck game to play and the chance of winning will be much higher. This is because the house advantage is much lower when one deck of cards is used.


These are the one game that everyone thinks they know how to play. Just hit the spin button and wait and see what happens. There is nothing that can be done to influence the outcome of the spinning reels. However, understanding the payout percentages, winning odds and how winning combinations pay out will help players to turn a profit. When first playing, a player should always check out the pay table of the games they are thinking of playing. They can vary considerably, depending on the different features and winning combinations. Payouts are not as good as table games, but this hasn’t stopped them from being the most popular casino game around. Software suppliers are constantly trying to produce better and more exciting games. New features are always being added. Features such as free spins, jackpots and interactive bonus rounds are the ones to look out for as they often reduce the casinos advantage.

Are Progressive Jackpots the Best Games to Play?

Progressive jackpot games have become very popular for visitors to both on and offline casinos. Progressive slots are the games that receive the most interest because of their ability to make millionaires of the lucky winners over night. How do they work? Quite simply, a portion of players wagers are taken and put in a pot. When a player manages to hit a certain combination it triggers the payout. The longer it takes for the combination to be hit, the bigger the jackpot. It just keeps on growing and growing. The odds of winning this type of game are pretty steep. For example, Megabucks is almost 1 in 50 million. Very similar in fact to winning the lottery. The difference being that you get many more chances to win per hour. The house edge is also equally high, sometimes as much as 40%. One important thing to remember if you choose to play this type of game is that the odds of winning don’t improve because the jackpot is higher. The odds of winning always stay the same.

As you should appreciate, there is no definitive answer to the question. It really depends on the type of game you want to play and which version. Together with the bets you decide to place. There are various strategies you can adopt to increase your chances. Understanding the games and how wagers are made will also make a big difference to your success.

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