Best free spins offers in the US


Online gamblers want their gaming experience to be as smooth as possible and free spins bonuses definitely help out, especially when they don’t require a deposit. 

To help you find the best offers we listed some of the best free spin offers in the US of this moment. You can find a frequently updated list of the free spin bonuses below. If you’re new to free spins, for your convenience this page also includes a full guide covering everything you need to know about free spins, including their terms and conditions.

Our goal? To help you get the most out of them. Let’s start spinning.

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A beginner’s guide to free spins

Free spins give you a chance to spin the reels on a slot for free provided that the game you’re playing offers this possibility. A lot of online casino games come with a free spins bonus helping you to come across these rounds without needing to spend any credits. 

Free spins can be offered in three different versions: as part of a promotional offer, as a game feature, and as part of a free demo game.

To give you a better of understanding of this, we will thoroughly explain each of the three variations below.

Free spins as a bonus offer

These are the spins you receive as part of a promotional offer. Think of a welcome bonus for new players, a special campaign for loyal customers, or free spins to promote a new game.

With these free spins you will receive a certain number of spins on a specific slot machine or even multiple slot machines. They work just like normal spins, but with the exception of being completely free.

Usually free spins will have the same value as the lowest stake of the machine. If you receive, let’s say, 100 spins, they would be worth $10 in total when a game turns out to have a minimum bet of $0,10. Sometimes you come across the so called Mega or Super Spins, with much higher values per spin, such as $1, $3 or $5 for each spin.

Winnings with your free spins are credited to your online casino balance. Normally withdrawals can be made only after wagering a certain number of times.

Below you will get to know everything about wagering requirements.

Free spins as a game feature

A lot of slot machines come with special bonus features of which free spins are known to be a very popular marketing tool. Usually you activate these by landing three or more special symbols on the slot reels giving you a certain number of free game rounds.

The exact conditions do tend to vary a lot from other bonus offers you get from free spin casinos in the US. First of all, they will always have the same value of the real money spin which triggered the feature. That is: when playing a slot at a stake of $1 and triggering the free spins, these spins will all be played at a stake of $1 as well.

Secondly, it’s very common that these types of free spins increase your winning chances big time. Think of 5x multipliers or expanding wild symbols.

The biggest difference between free spins as part of a promotional bonus and free spins as a game feature is, however, the lack of a wagering requirement. Any profits made from a free spin as a game feature can be withdrawn at any time, but in case of promotional free spins you are expected to meet a certain wagering requirement before you’re entitled to withdraw the money. 

Free spins as part of a demo play

Most online slots have demo versions that can be played in the fun modus. This basically means that you can play the game while using all the features, but instead of betting for money you’re using demo credits offered by the online casino or the game developer. 

Free spins as part of a demo can be a great way to try out a slot before betting for real money. It’s needless to say you won’t be able to win any money when playing in the fun modus.

Wagering your free spin winnings

Even though free spins and other bonuses can be great ways to increase your winning chances, they usually come with strict bonus terms. Most of the time you’ll need to meet a certain wagering requirement to be able to cash out your winnings.

What this means is that any winnings from your free spins will be credited as bonus credits which subsequently need to be staked a certain number of times. Common wagering requirements are 30x, 35x, 40x or 45x.

This may sound like a lot at a first glimpse, but as you will see in our next topic it’s actually not as bad as it seems.

Get the most out of free spins at online casinos

It’s not much of a secret that free spins at online casinos are offered by operators to boost traffic towards a game. As the online casino industry is a very competitive branch, operators use appealing bonuses as a way to attract players.

As no one likes to give away money for free these same operators more or less force you to wager your winnings a certain number of times before you’re entitled to a payout. And we have to say this is fair enough, because if this rule did not exist, a lot of players would cash out instantly after making their first win. The wagering requirement is simply a way for the online casinos to reduce their financial risks and still attract new players. 

But even with a wagering requirement free spins are always welcome in our opinion as it helps you to get familiar with a game and increase your winning chances in the long run. 

It gets even better if free spins actually lead to nice winnings. The trick is that you need to pick a game which offers both a fare wagering requirement and a high RTP (return to player).

Let’s take an example of this to give you a better understanding.

The latter is the percentage of the money a game will pay back to players over time. For instance, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a slot machine on which the RTP is set at 96,1%, you can expect to get back about $96,10 in wins after a larger amount of spins. 

Let’s say the wagering requirement is set at 35x, which is quite a common number. This means that you would have to stake a total of $336.35 before being able to pay out your winnings. Just multiply your win of $9.61 with 35 and you’ll get to this number.

If you fulfill the wagering requirement on a game with an RTP of 98% you’ll be guaranteed a long term profit of $2.88. This is because on average a total bet of $336.35 would make you win $329.62. You’ll get this result by multiplying the total bet with 0.98. This means your total losses would be $6.73. Taking your $9.61 winnings into account from the free spins, you still have $2.88 left which is profit that can be cashed out.

If playing on a slot with a RTP of 97% the results turn out different as you would be expected to lose $0.48. However, if the wagering requirement was lower this would have increased your profits even more. The table below illustrates this very well.

Example of $9.61 won from 100 free spins


Wagering on a 98% RTP game
Wagering requirementTotal wageringExpected losses from wageringNet result
Wagering on a 97% RTP game
Wagering requirementTotal wageringExpected losses from wageringNet result
Wagering on a 96% RTP game
Wagering requirementTotal wageringExpected losses from wageringNet result

As you can see, your results will always be affected by the RTP and the wagering requirement. If the RTP is high enough compared with the wagering requirement, you’ll make a guaranteed profit. It is of course important to understand that this profit is taking long term results into account as fluctuations in the short term are known to be high. On a short term basis you’re never guaranteed to hit the actual RTP of the slot and therefore your short term wagering results may turn out very different to those presented above.

Get the most out of free spins at US casinos

In addition to the strategy

There’s yet another thing you should be aware of if you would like to maximize your profits. In many of the bonus offers that you receive from US free spin casinos you will get the option to choose between several slot machines. Most people would tend to choose a game that looks most fun or chose a game of their favorite developer and you can’t blame them. In the end online gambling is all about fun. But if you’re looking for a way to increase your winning chances we advise you to take a further look at the relation between wagering requirement and RTP. 

Often this pick can be very important as it’s quite common for the games to have a varying bet level as a minimum stake. Free spins from bonus offers will always have the same value as the minimum bet level of the machine they’re being played on.

To maximize your profits you should always look up which games are included in the bonus promotion offer. We advise you to choose the slot with the highest minimum bet level.

What are the disadvantages of free spin bonuses?

Bonus spins are always welcome, but some offers do come with a few disadvantages.

These disadvantages are related to the bonus wagering requirements, the game’s volatility, and whether you’re able to keep any winnings that you’ve made from real money spins. Does this sound somewhat confusing? Let us break it down for you.

Let’s assume that you’re entitled to use 100 free spins and that the wagering requirement is set at 35x. If you’re lucky enough to win $100 with these free spins, you’d have to wager a total of $3500 before being able to make a withdrawal.

At almost every online casino you’ll need to play with your own credits before any bonuses are used. So if you made a deposit of $10 to get your free spins, this money will be used before you can use any of the free spins.

Sounds kinda logic on the one hand, but now imagine at the other hand making a really big hit. Let’s say you are lucky enough to win $2.000. Winning 2000 dollars would probably want you to instantly withdraw your winnings.

Well, this is where the bonus terms and conditions turn out a bit tricky. As there is a wagering requirement you won’t be able to cash out your winnings before this requirement has been fulfilled. In our example you’d be forced to wager $3.500 before doing so and it’s not uncommon to lose a big part or all of these winnings before hitting the wagering requirement. At the end, the online casino doesn’t want to lose a lot of money. Sounds kinda logic as well, but this does mean that wagering requirements limit your winning chances in the long run.

Countering the disadvantages of free spin wagering

Having ‘your’ money locked due to a wagering requirement can, if you’re unlucky, lead to a less pleasant outcome as you can lose your money again while your trying to meet the wagering requirement. The most obvious way to avoid this is to only go for the wagering free bonus spins. Although they’re not very common anymore, they do exist. Winnings from free spins are credited as real money instead of credits and can be withdrawn instantly.

Bonus terms and conditions

This is not the only solution though, as many of the best free spins offers at online casinos come with other workarounds — at least some of them do. Once you go through all the bonus terms and conditions, you’ll often read that canceling your bonus will lead to all winnings that are made from these bonuses being frozen.

This is a great as you actually do have an option to just cancel the bonus, lose the remaining free spins, but still make a withdrawal. This way you’re not fully bound to the wagering requirement.

The majority of free spin offers we list from online casinos do offer this option, but just to be on the safe side it’s always a good idea to read all of the terms and conditions. If it’s not specifically stated that merely winnings from bonus money will be lost when soliciting the above, than you can expect any winnings with own bets will also be lost when canceling the bonus. If you’re not sure about this we suggest you to contact the casino’s support desk.

How can I get free spins at online casinos?

Although we’re only listing free spins as part of a welcome package on this particular page, there are also other ways to receive free spins at US based online casinos. You can get them as part of a promotion campaign for a new game launch, as a promotional offer for one or multiple games/game providers, and as part of a loyalty program. 

Sometimes the free spins are completely free, sometimes you get them as a bonus reward and sometimes you will have to make a deposit first before receiving the free spins. To give you a better understanding of the different scenarios, we have listed six different ways.

Free spins as part of a welcome package

This is one of the most common ways to receive free spins as a lot of online casinos include them in their welcome bonuses. This bonus is specifically meant for new players.

As a way for gambling sites to efficiently attract new players to their site, welcome offers tend to be among the best bonuses out there. It’s not uncommon to receive up to a few hundred free spins, depending on the amount of your deposit. Also, it’s not only the free spins that you receive for your deposit, but normally these spins form part of a complete welcome package, including a certain percentage of bonus money on top of your deposit.

In some cases it gets even better as some casinos give away a small number of free spins when signing up. This means that all you have to do is create an account and you’ll get a certain number of spins for free, with no further deposit required.


Free spins as part of a promotion

If there’s anything more common than a free spin welcome package, then it’s free promotional spins. These are promotions that every registered player of an online casino in the US is entitled to. On the high quality casino sites these offers usually come in great numbers. Check out the website of the online casino of your preference to stay updated or subscribe to the casino’s news letter if you don’t want to miss out on free spins as part of a promotion. Every online casino has a special page dedicated to the most recent promotions. 

The bonuses can be offered in various ways. Sometimes they’re very straightforward and the only requirement is a minimum deposit to get a certain amount of free spins. Next, we have the free spins that only get activated if you trigger a bonus feature in a specific slot.

Free spins can also be included as a prize. An example could be the top 10 players of a certain competition getting 5000 spins as a reward for their outstanding performances.

Free spins at slot tournaments

Other than ongoing campaigns, slot tournaments only tend to last a very short period of time. Some operators run new tournaments for a specific slot every hour which last 15 or 30 minutes each while others have daily tournaments which last 24 hours. These tournaments usually get organized by online casinos and game developers trying to boost a certain game. 

Your goal as a player is normally to gather as many points as possible within a certain time frame in order to climb the leaderboards. Sometimes you will also have to do this with a limited number of spins. Please note that all winnings from free spin prizes do come with wagering requirements if not stated otherwise.

Free spins for loyal customers

This is a great bonus for loyal players because they are rewarded for doing what they already love to do: playing video slots. Frequent players will usually get notified by email and/or in their online account when they are entitled to free spins. Generally, customer loyalty is determined by factors like the amount of time spent on the website and the amount of the deposits made. Although loyal customers sometimes can be defined as high rollers as well, normally high rollers are considered a separate customer niche by most online casinos. Some casinos offer free spins which as specifically meant for high rollers. 

If you never get any notifications or emails about free spins but you do consider yourself a loyal customer, then you could always try to contact customer support. They won’t always give you anything, but you can always give it a try. If you haven’t withdrawn a lot recently it’s quite likely that they will grant you a couple of spins.

Just to clarify this, we’re talking about a bonus here that doesn’t require any new deposits. The free spins are actually a reward for your loyalty and can be seen as a token of appreciation.

Reactivation free spins

This one is quite rare, but if you want to increase your chances of getting this type of free spins it’s highly recommended you sign up with a lot of casinos. This is a bonus that operators exclusively send out to players who haven’t been very active lately. 

As an attempt to get you back on their site, they’ll sometimes hand you various offers such as free spins or other no deposit bonuses. If you’re really lucky you will get awarded the free spins without the requirement to make a deposit, but usually you will have to top up your credit.


Free spins on new online casino slot games

One of the most exciting bonuses is free spins that are linked to a new slot release. Our understanding however is that this type of bonus was much more common before and has become a lot more difficult to find at online casinos in the US nowadays. It does, in any case, mean that you’ll receive a small number of spins for free on a specific slot. It is needless to say that these free spins are tied to a specified game and usually imply a limited time offer.


Different types of free spins at US casinos

When talking about US online casinos we don’t see any big differences compared to online casinos in other countries. You’ll find the following types of free spins in US online casinos:

Free spins with a real money deposit

Free spins with a money deposit is the most common type of free spins that you’ll find in online casinos in the US. This simply means that you’ll get a certain number of spins by topping up the balance in your online casino account. You’ll most likely find these type of spins as part of a welcome offer and/or a temporary promotional campaign.

No deposit free spins

These free spins are great for anyone who doesn’t want to risk losing any money. Getting free spins without having to deposit money is certainly not as common as the other type of free spins mentioned above, but you’ll find them from time to time. No deposit free spins are usually included as part of a sign up bonus or as a loyalty bonus for frequent players.

Different sort of spins obviously mean different wagering requirements as well. The wagering requirements of no deposit free spins are usually a lot stricter than the wagering requirements of, for instance, loyalty bonus free spins. Next to that, the free spins can be limited to games with lower payout percentages. Please note it’s not only about the amount of free spins, but about the actual quality of the spins as well. If you’re interested in learning more about these spins and finding US casinos that offer them, then check out our no deposit free spins page.

Free spins with no wagering requirements

Over the years free spins free without wagering requirements have become more and more common making them very popular among slot fanatics. Winnings made from these free spins can be withdrawn instantly and there’s no such thing as a wagering requirement forcing you to continue playing and therefore risking your bets. 

Even though this type of offer is fairly common to find even on US casino websites, we decided to sum up all the free spins with no wagering for you. Just pay a visit to our page covering everything about free spins with no wagering requirement and you’ll get a complete list of trustworthy US casinos offering these type of free spins. You’re welcome!

No deposit free spins with no wagering requirements

This is about as good as it can get as you don’t risk any money and you don’t have to fulfill any wagering requirements. We’re basically talking about free money here. Does this sound too good to be true to you? Well, we got good news for you as no deposit free spins with no wagering requirements actually do exist. The only downside is that you’ll only get a small number of free spins. But, hey, we’re cool with every free spin, so let ‘em come. 

To learn more about free spins with no wagering and no deposit and which casinos offer them, we highly recommend checking out our complete guide.

Free spins with 100 bonus rounds

As the name reveals, this is just a type of a free spin bonus giving you hundred spins on a specific slot (or a small amount of selected games). As we’re talking about a large number of free spins you’ll most commonly find them to be part of a welcome bonus. There’s usually also a wagering requirement, but you might just bump into some wagering free bonuses as well.

Free spins with 50 bonus rounds

Free spins with 50 game rounds are mostly seen as part of promotional offers as well. Just like free spins with 100 game rounds they exist both with and without wagering requirements.

Free spins with 10 bonus rounds

Free spins with 10 game rounds are normally fully free (so no wagering requirements) and are common to be offered to new casino players signing up. Free spins with 10 game rounds are quite common as an extra bonus for loyal customers as well.