Some of craziest casino experiences of all time – both online and land based casinos

Gambling is all about fun experiences at casinos and making some huge wins. –But these guys took things a little too far – they have some of the craziest casino experiences ever.

The gambler and wedding proposal

Mac and Henry were best friends and gambling partners. They would attend casino games together, as a team. Their goal was to win – it didn’t matter who between them won, just as long as they took the money home.

But secretly, Henry was in love with Mac’s girlfriend, Rita. Mac liked his girlfriend but he was also seeing other women.

One day, however, things took a bittersweet turn.

Mac was hosting a casino table game night at his house and he invited all his friends. They were playing multi-table live poker, at the same casino. As always, Mac and Henry were ‘in the same team’ hoping to help each other scoop a win.

Henry won the game – a whopping 10,000 Euros. But before they could split the cash, Henry asked Mac if he could allow him to use the cash for a special cause and pay later. Mac agreed.

As if in a movie, Henry walked back to the gaming room, went down on his knees. He held Rita’s hand (Mac’s girlfriend) and said,

“I did not have enough time to buy you a ring, but take this 10,000 if you will accept to marry me.” She said yes.

Guess what happened next….

The penny war in Las Vegas…

A man and woman met at Treasure Island in Las Vegas and as the Moet shots flowed, so did their ‘instant love.’ 

They woke up at 6 am in the casino floor, married with rings and matching tattoos on their wrists. The woman had only one shoe.

The ‘couple’ got into an argument, blaming each other for the crazy night. In anger, the woman threw a few coins at the man and went on looking for her other shoe.

The man, who was still sitting put the coins in a slot machine and spun the wheel. 

Suddenly, there was “Beep! Beep! Beep!” The man won €250,000. Before he could jump in joy, the woman was on his shoulder, kissing him screaming “we have won!”

“No, I have won! I don’t know you!” The man said.

“No, we have won! We got drunk-married yesterday, remember?” 

What would you have done if you were this man?

Now you see your wins, now you don’t!

A man won €35,000 in one of the small casinos at Freemont Street. He was so thrilled that he grabbed his cards from the table to celebrate and show his friends.

The casino nullified his wins because grabbing cards are against the rules. 

In the end, he did not get his wins and he ended up being dragged out by security, cursing out and crying for his money.

Gambling without an ID old man…

60-year-old manplayed at a land based casino for the first time and won about 40 grand. He went to the front to claim it but realizes that he left his ID in his hotel room.

The casino insists he must produce an ID to prove his age, he shows his wrinkles instead. They end up giving him two choices:

a)    Forfeit your 40 grand

b)    We call the police on you for gambling without an ID

Kerry Parker’s billions and the Millionaire…

A millionaire man from Texas was complaining about Kerry Parker’s special treatment at a casino. Kerry Packer was an Australian billionaire.

The wealthy man said to Parker, “I am worth over €70m”

Looking at him from the side-eye, Parker replied: “I will toss you for it.”

The bitter casino loser wife and pisser husband…

couple got so angry after losing all their money at a game of roulette. 

The woman went ahead to yell profanities, showing the middle finger to everyone on that floor. The man yelled his curses as he pissed all over the floor. 

The security was called and his wife started running towards her husband to hide. She slid on his piss, held on to her husband and they fell together in a loud thud.

The girl pickpocket…

A petty thief had a habit of snatching bags from old women near the entrance of the casino. Security ran after her but she was too fast…

Until one day, an elderly man saw her steal from his girlfriend and he stuck his foot out…She fell on her face and cracked her forehead before the police carried her away.

The in-laws move back in after a huge video slot win….

After his wife signed the divorce papers and left him for ‘gambling too much,’ the man went to his kitchen, lit a cigar and went on playing slots.

Well, he won €1.5 million after 30 minutes on the reels.  He called his best friend and they went to collect the cheque. He was announced on the radio.

When they returned to the house, the door was open. Walking in, he found his ex-wife and whole family waiting for him.

Without saying a word, he made an about-turn, jumped in his best friend’s car and never came back.

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