Rush Dogs Go Review – Virtual Game by Inspired with racing dogs

Take in the delights of this advanced Virtual Reality game of mad dogs racing through the race track. Dive in the adrenaline rush as these fast dogs race and you make your casino-style bets.


Get your hands on the latest series in the giant gaming provider – Inspired. It stands among Rush Bing and Rush Horses Go.

 Prepare to enjoy a delicious range of ‘special bets.You can also have other options like Rebet or Rebet2x. We will discuss more on the amazing features later.

Take a trip to this race track, with its blue rails, green grass and spotlights. The focus is on the dogs in the race track and your goal is to bet on the fastest fog racer and win.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a real dog racetrack? We are talking – trained dogs in costumes, rushing down the racetrack like mad. See if your dog will win you great cash on the best and most reputable UK online casinos now.

Well, that is what you get with Rush Dogs Go.  Several handsome and sturdy dogs, hitting the race tracks with seething determination.

You have a wide range of bets to select. From the main bets, special bets and bigger bets.

Theme and Feel

Have you ever watched dogs race on the track? Rush Dogs Go is just that – a race track with impressively dressed dogs, racing for their lives. Thebest part is you can place your bet for your dog of choice and win big.

All the dogs in the race are strong and hungry to win; are you? Get ready for a rush of adrenaline as you watch and cheer your dog to victory. 

There is one race track and 6 dogs – which dog will win? 

Yes- it is possible to have a favourite dog but be careful not to grow attached to any one of them. You can never predict the results – the winners are randomly generated.

Place your bet on the dog you expect to win in that particular round then watch the race track.

There are two bets to choose from. Whether it is in the Main, Specials or Bigger bets.

At the bottom are different bet sizes, starting from 10c to €100.

How to play Rush Dogs Go

Start playing Rush Dogs Go on these top UK online casinos today.This is one of the simplest and easiest games to play. 

On the screen are different bet sizes that you can choose from. At the top are the competing dogs, listed under the different bet types.

Decide which bets you want to place then check to see which dogs are available under that bet type. 

For instance, you can find the € dog number 6 and 2 under main bets, 3 and 5 under the Special bets and 4 and 1 under bigger bets.

So, a €5 bet on dog number 3 that pays € 6 under the special bets, can give you 5 x 6 = €30 

All bets come with different payouts. You can see the potential payout after you have finished making your bet.

Special features

3 Different bets

Here you have a chance of staking on either the 

•   Main Bets

•   Special Bets

•   Bigger Bets

The main difference is the payout. For example, for a €100 maximum bet, you will get:

Main bets

•   €250 – €800 

Special bets

•   €420 – €950

Bigger bets

•   €650 – €1000

Meanwhile, a €1 bet will get you:

Main bets 

•   €2.30 – €8

Special bets

•   €4.20 – €9.50

Bigger Bets 

•   €6.50 – €10

Rebet and Rebet 2x

You can place the exact bet size on a similar dog and try your luck for the second time. The Rebet option helps you to make a singular similar bet. However, you can use the Rebet2x when you want to bet the previous game twice. 

Bonus Wheel Feature

Win in the racetrack and get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune is an exciting in-game bonus where all wins pay.

No matter where you land on the Rush Dogs Go, there is something to win.  On the wheel are slices of x5 and x2.There is one special slice that will give you 10 times your stake!


Rush Dogs Go is a game for all players who appreciate a rush of adrenaline and advanced graphics. This is not for the faint-hearted players.

 If you are not strong enough to watch your dog win or lose, skip the video. There is an option to skip the video, straight to the results if you cannot bear to watch your favourite dog compete.

Without a doubt, Rush Dogs is an awesome Virtual Reality game. –And now, you can enjoy this virtual game from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Gear up players and make sure your dog wins. We tried playing this game on Betsson Casino and we won €150 on a €100 bet on dog number 1. 

Please check out our list of the top and most notable UK online casinos to know where to play this game and others.

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