Multi-View Casino Play: Boon or Bean to your Game?

There are plenty of players old enough to remember a time without internet. The only forms of screen entertainment there were, were the television and the cinema. Since everyone and their dog has come online in the last two decades, many different forms of screen entertainment have arisen. Obviously, playing online casino games is one of these many forms of new screen entertainment that didn’t exist in the last century. 

More Screens

We currently have considerably more forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed on a screen than 20 years ago. This means that all these forms of having ‘screen fun’ are more or less in competition with each other to grab the viewers attention. With considerably more ‘noise’ online we seemed to have shortened our attention span, which means that providers are working even harder to draw and keep our focus. To keep up with all that is on offer, many users, viewers and players use multi-view. Amongst millennials it is considered normal to be doing two or three different things on your phone, watch television and also maintain a conversation. To accommodate players with this habit, many online casinos offer the possibility of multi-view. This means that your screen or screens are split up in different sections and each section displays a different game. This means you can play and follow several games at the same time, but is playing in multi-view actually beneficial to your game?

Online Casino Multi-view Play: The Good and the Bad

Players who like a fast-paced game and who prefer playing several games at the same time, can make use of multi-view to do so. You could make several arguments in favour of this tool. There are players who want to miss out on as little as possible and multi-view can be a great tool for those who get slightly bored playing just one game. If high levels of action are part of your game, multi-view can help you stay focused on several games at the same time. If you have the bankroll for it and you are doing it right, you could make bigger wins playing more than one game simultaneously. Also, if you have set yourself a time limit and you would like to try out several new game, then you can do so at the same time using multi-view.

Although this tool can be a force for good, doing several things at the same time scatters our attention. Some experts argue that millennials have a shorter attention span in comparison to older generations because they try to do or experience several things at the same time. Although luck is a big factor when it comes to winning on online casino games, you are not helping yourself when you are not fully focused on your game. Applying strategy to your game demands you to have some level of attention and this attention is greatly defused when you are attempting to play several games at the same time. It is easier to make mistakes in terms of setting bet levels and placing the correct wager, especially if you play table games that need more focus and strategy than a slot game. 

How to use Multi-view to your Advantage

Multi-view as a tool has to suit you as it might not be for everyone having considered a few advantages and disadvantages. If you happy just playing one game at the time and find using multi-view rather distracting, that it might not be for you. If you are already using this tool or are considering it, make it part of your strategy. You could use multi-view when you play live casino games as, depending on how many players there are at the table, there will be some waiting time between rounds. If you would like to make the most of your play time, you could spin a few rounds on a slot machine in between. If you decide to do this, it is better to play a game you are already familiar with so it doesn’t demand to much of your attention. Slot games are very much a visual experience and you can fully immerge yourself in the graphics and gameplay if playing the slot has your main focus.

On the other hand, if you like playing in AutoPlay and especially if you are playing slots you are familiar with, you could experiment with playing more than one slot game to see if it enhances your experience. It might not be beneficial to play blackjack, roulette or poker in multi-view especially if you are a beginner. Highly experienced players, however, could use multi-view to practice playing different hands at the same time.


Using multi-view as a tool in your online casino game can have its pros and cons. It can enhance your gaming session because there is so much more to experience. However, it can diffuse your attention, which means it is more likely to make mistakes. You could also suffer from overload; because there is so much to see, you can’t discern the wood from the trees. If you like to use multi-view, make it part of your strategy and make sure the tool only enhances your gaming experience rather than obstructing it.

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