Mega Moolah $20 million jackpot in 2019

Win millions with Mega Moolah slot – its just February and Mega Moolah has already created a millionaire casino player. So who won the millions?

Win millions with Mega Moolah Slot

Have you ever played Mega Moolah? If you haven’t, you are probably missed out on several chances of becoming a millionaire. You can start playing at these major UK online casinos and claim your millions.

Check out the Guinness World Records for the highest paying online slot winners. –And you will notice Mega Moolah alright.

What would you do if you win 13 million euros? Would you get a yacht or start a fortune 400 business?

Time to head to this 5 reel and 25 payline online slot for some exciting time and potential millions in the bank. Seriously, if you don’t believe in gambling luck, Mega Moolah might change your mind.

Yes, there is the Wild Lion bonus and a bounty of Free Spins but we guess you will mostly love the jackpot.

On Jan 30th, 2019 Mega Moolah turned an online casino player into an instant millionaire.  It is safe to say that this person doesn’t have to work anymore. 

13 million euros in the bank – just like that and it could be you! Believe it or not, the 13 million is not even the biggest cash to be won at Mega Moolah.

We don’t even know who won, they probably hid their identity. –But wouldn’t you hide your identity too if you were a ‘new money millionaire.’  

“What a thrilling ride its been…we couldn’t be happier for the winner, who is a long-standing player! To crack the jackpot in less than 30 minutes is just incredible….the winner deserves massive congratulations.”

Mega Moolah Press Release

We have the life-changing €18,915,872.81 that was scooped sometime in September 2018. This is the highest amount to be won by a Mega Moolah player to date. That’s what you call an earth-shattering and bank-breaking win.

That’s not enough – we have a British soldier who won €17,879, 645.12 million in 2015. He broke the Guinness world record then and made the front page news. 

What is the Mega Moolah game?

Mega Moolah is one of the most fun online slots you will ever play. Not only because of its simple and straight-forward gameplay, but the millions will really have you smiling.

What makes Mega Moolah so super are the four progressive jackpots – Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. Literary four ways you could become a millionaire.

It is always a good time to play Mega Moolah. Plus the randomness of the progressive jackpots ensures equal opportunities for all players.

Do you know that in 2017 alone, there were 13 millionaires made from Mega Moolah? Were you one of them?

How to spin on Mega Moolah for millions

The higher your stakes, the higher your chances of winning the millions.  You will see the four jackpots accumulating as you continue to play.

If you have lady luck on your side, you will get a chance to spin a coloured wheel and land the white segment to get away with millions. Prepare your thumbs gamblers, these millions could just be yours.

Note that Mega Moolah never awards less than 1,000, 000 coins – your millions are only a spin away.

So, what would you do with your millions in Mega Moolah?

People have done great things with their Mega Moolah wins. From buying their dream cars to owning a business. Here are some crazy things you could treat yourself to!

•   Buy an island like Johnny Depp and have a yacht come with it

•   Buy several horses and have them join the derby

•   Pay for a private performance by Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Beyonce or the legendary Elton

•   Get the plastic surgery you have always wanted

•   Never work again a day in your life

•   Go for a fun gambling-night at Macau ( just remember not to carry all your money)

•   Woo a royal prince or princess

•   Buy an oil reserve

•   Buy 10 of the most expensive cars/wheels in the world

When will there be millions to be won again?

Right now! Mega Moolah is so popular that as soon as one jackpot is won, another one starts to accumulate. 

You can go and check right now and you will find some millions waiting for you. Avoid missing out and play right now!

Start your journey towards the millions on these major UK online casinos. You might just be the next big winner for making the news. Fingers crossed and all the best!

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