Make Online Casino Deposits with PaySafeCard

At most online casinos you can try out games in fun mode. This means that you are not playing for money. Once you get the hang of a certain game, you can choose to add extra excitement to your casino experience by playing for money. If you play for real money you also have the opportunity to win real money. Depending on the game and how much you play for, you have a chance to win thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds. To play for real money, you need to fund your online casino account and there are different ways to do this. One of these ways is making deposits with PaySafeCard.

What is PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is an online prepaid payment method. This means that you don’t use any credit or pay afterwards when you use this method. When you buy a PaySafeCard at one of the many outlets, you get a 16-digit PIN-code worth a certain amount. You can then use this pin-code to make online payments, anywhere where PaySafeCard is accepted. You can make a deposit in your online casino account simply by choosing PaySafeCard as a payment method and entering the 16-digit PIN code. You buy a PaySafeCard PIN code for as little as £10. Other amounts that are available are: £25, £50, £75 and £100. At PayPoint outlets you are also able to buy codes with the value of £125, £150, and £175.

How does it work

Go to the PaySafeCard website and use the search function to find an outlet near you. You choose for how much you want to buy a card and you will be given a card or slip with a 16-digit code. Guard this code carefully and use this to make a deposit in your online casino account. In addition to pound sterling, you can pay in foreign currencies. There is a currency converter available on the website to see how much you will be paying for a certain amount in a different currency. You don’t have to use the entire value of you card all at once. Remaining balances stay valid for 12 months. After this time period, your balance is still available, but you will be charged £3 for every month you have a remaining balance on your card. On the PaySafeCard website you can check how much remaining balance you have by entering the PIN-code and a numerical code that will be listed. You then click the ‘check balance’ field. You can also get a PaySafeCard- MasterCard. This is a prepaid card, that functions as a credit card.

Benefits of Making Deposits with PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is widely available at online casinos and is one of the most safe and secure online payment methods around. You don’t have to enter any personal details that could be hacked and misused for any fraudulent activity. On the website you find security guidelines to keep your transaction 100% safe. Transactions are fast, as funds are transfered to your online casino account instantly. Because you don’t have to enter any personal details, this method is anonymous, as your transaction is not linked to any card or bank account details. Using a PaySafeCard could make it easier to budget. You can decide to allocate a certain amount for your online casino game and put that on your PaySafeCard and you only use that amount for playing. In that way you don’t spend more than you intent to and you don’t have to mix any online casino funding with other costs and bills that are paid via your bank account.

There is an app available for download. With this app you can always check where there the nearest sales outlet is or see how much is left on your balance or how much you will be paying in a foreign currency, wherever you are. You are also able to gather different PIN-codes in one place. PaySafeCard has a loyalty programme giving you extra benefits just for using PaySafeCard. They also have a prepaid MasterCard available, which functions as a credit card, with the difference that you are not using credit. Some online casinos allow you to withdraw funds to be received on your PaySafeCard- MasterCard.

Disadvantages to Making Deposits with PaySafeCard

There are not that many disadvantages attached to PaySafeCard. A couple are that you have to go out to actually buy a PaySafeCard code, which takes time. Also, there are online casino that charge a fee when making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal with PaySafeCard

Summary of Pros and Cons of Depositing with PaySafeCard

Pros to using PaySafeCard at online casinos:

  • Widely available
  • Fast, safe and secure
  • Anonymous
  • Good for budgeting
  • Allows for payment in foreign currencies
  • Additional benefits through loyalty programme
  • App available to check nearest outlets, balances, currency rates, etc.

Cons to using PaySafeCard at online casinos

  • Takes effort and time to buy a PaySafeCard PIN
  • Fees apply for remaining balances you have for longer than 12 months
  • Online casinos may charge a fee for making deposits and/ or withdrawals


PaySafeCard can be a great method to make deposits in your online casino account. Many online casinos accept this payment method, which instantly transfers funds to your account in a very safe and secure way. PaySafeCard is widely available and as it is a prepaid method, it gives you the opportunity to budget for your online casino game. It also allows you to make payment in foreign currencies against reasonable exchange rates. The company has a loyalty programme, that gives you extra benefits as a regular customer. Be aware that PaySafeCard applies charges for remaining balances you have for longer than 12 months.  Also note that online casinos may charge a fee for using this payment method.

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