Bring more Depth to your Game with Sports Betting

There are plenty of betting options available at online casinos. This includes straightforward gambling entertainment in the form of slot games or classic casino fun with table games. To bring another dimension to your online casino game, you could consider sports betting, especially if you are a fan of watching sports matches. Find out how to get added value combining betting and sports for more excitement and extra chances to win great prizes. 

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What is Sports Betting?

Simply put, sports betting is placing a bet on a certain outcome or outcomes of a particular sports match. This can be a game of any competitive sport. The most popular sports in sports betting are football, horse racing and tennis. Online casinos that also cater to US and Australian players will have sports betting options on American football, baseball and Aussie rules. Online casinos with a big sports betting section have wagering options available on almost any sport you can think of. Outcomes to bet on can vary in, for example football, from the final score and half time score, to which player makes the first- or second- goal, when and how- free kick, corner, in- or outside the penalty box, or if any red or yellow cards are given. As you can see, the betting options are endless. 

Different Types of Sports Betting

There are many different types of sports betting of which we would like to discuss a few of the most common types, so you have a better idea of what is available. 

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds betting lets you know how much you can win on your wager and this can be expressed in different ways. In the UK and Ireland bookies like to express this with fractional odds, like 2/1 or 5/2. When the odds are 2/1 for a particular bet, this means that for every £10 you wager on the right outcome you receive double your stake plus your wager as a return, so £20 + £10 stake= £30. In the 5/2 example you would win 2.5 times your wager plus your stake; £25 + £10= £35. In continental Europe and Australia these odds would be expressed in decimal points; 2/1 is expressed as 3.0 and 5/2 as 3.5. You multiply your wager with the decimal point to calculate your return on the winning bet. These bets tend to placed before the beginning of the match.

Live Betting

This form of betting is also called in-play betting and refers to bets placed while the game is in action. It is a useful way to bet if you didn’t manage to place a wager before the start of the game and also when the match goes differently than expected, which would affect the way you bet. Placing live bets can also increase the odds if a team or player is not performing as expected at the beginning of the game. This betting option also allows you to cash out in-play. 

Exchange Betting

Exchange betting works as a stock exchange for bets and is particular popular in the UK. Exchange betting works as a market where you can be the bettor as well as the bookmaker. You can both set a certain outcome that other players can bet on, or back a certain outcome determined by someone else. Whether you are backing or laying a bet, which you can do simultaneously, a percentage of all winning bets goes to the exchange that facilitates the market. 

Virtual Sports Betting

Sports betting has evolved so much in recent years, you don’t even need a real match to be able to place a sports bet. With this from of betting you place wagers on matches that have been computer-generated and take place in a fantasy world. You can compare virtual sports with a FIFA computer game. All elements appear real, yet are computer generated. Any outcomes of these matches are generated at random through the use of intricate algorithms, just like the outcome of a round on a slot or any other online casino game. You can bet on virtual sports any time of the day and you are not dependent on a particular match taking place. Virtual matches are shorter and can be fast-forwarded if you don’t want to sit out the whole game. Especially for players, who are new to sports betting, wagering on virtual sports can be a great way to practise applying strategic knowledge. 

Spread Betting

This type of betting moves away from the world of sports and into financial markets. With this type of betting you place wagers on the movement and performance of stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. It is a crossover form of betting as traditional sports bookies offer this type of betting that attracts professionals working in the financial sector.

Jackpot Betting

A jackpot is a big prize pool that is also available in sports betting and especially interesting for punters who have great knowledge about a particular sport. In Jackpot betting you place wagers on the outcome of a series of games. This set of games will have been chosen by the bookmaker and can be selected as part of a big tournament like the European Cup or World Cup football. To win a sports betting jackpot on average you need to correctly predict the outcome of about 14 games on 1 coupon. A sports betting jackpot will be part of a big prize pool. This jackpot can be fixed or progressive. In the case of a progressive prize pool a percentage of every bet placed on the games series fuels the prize pool. Sports betting jackpot prizes are always wager- free and if you win, your prize can be cashed out to you in instalments or as one big sum. 

How to Bet

All gambling options are games of chance, yet with some you significantly increase you win chances if you apply some skill. When it comes to sports betting and jackpot betting especially, you significantly increase your win chances if you have considerable knowledge about the teams playing, the players on the field or court and how these teams and/ or players have performed in the past. With this knowledge it is easier to predict the future. If you have a favourite team or player, you can play with your heart and bet on your team or player to win. When they do, you can not only celebrate their victory but yourwin as well. If you favourite team or player is not necessarily the bookies’ favourite, you can bet strategically and place your wager on the party that is most likely to score and win. If you like to engage in exchange betting you can also place counter bets.

How Sports Betting can give added excitement

There are several aspects in sports betting that makes it such an engaging form of gambling. It can give added excitement to an already exciting sports match. It allows you to apply skill to your betting game and offers you an incredible amount of betting options. When you are a newbie, you can start small with lower-risk bets and bets on virtual sports. If you strategic thinking is paying off, you go for the big jackpots that offer you tens, hundreds and on some occasions millions of pounds if you manage to correctly predict the outcome of a series of matches on one coupon.

Bring added excitement to both sports and gambling and hit it big with sports betting.

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