Avoid phishing emails disguised as ‘US casino emails’

Avoid phishing emails disguised as ‘US casino emails’

Phishing emails are a common method used by hackers to access the personal & financial information of its victims. Here is how US casino players can protect themselves from scam casino emails.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is when black hackers and scammers send emails disguised as US casino companies for fraudulent reasons. The phishing websites might even look like the original sites.

Example 1:

A phisher might send you a promotional email with ‘Special bonuses for the summer.’ They always have a link you have to click to claim the special awards. Once you click on the link, you find a login page (similar to the one you usually use). After inputting your login details, the hackers will use your email & password to access your casino accounts.

Example 2:

You receive an ‘Alert email’ warning you that your casino account/ payment details might be compromised. You are then asked to send some personal and financial information to verify your identity.

How do I identify a phishing email?

Phishing emails are created to look convincing. So, you might not be able to tell that it is a phishing email on sight. Things to check include:

The sender’s email address: Be keen on the email address to make sure that the sender is legit.    

Check the spelling: Are there any spelling mistakes in the email address? The email could be cloning a popular casino. So, check the spelling of the casino correct?

Who is the email addressing: Scammers will most likely not use your name or address you directly. With phishing emails, you will see ‘Dear valued customer’ or ‘Dear player.’ Remember that if your casino emails you, it will address you using your real name or username.

The domain or the websites: Scammers use domains or URLs that are almost similar to the legit US online casinos. Therefore, watch out for differences in the domain.

What to do if I receive a phishing email.

Don’t click on the link: The first step is to ignore the link. Do not be tempted at all costs to hit click.

Forward the email to the relevant authorities: US online casino players are advised to forward the phishing email to [email protected] You can also send a complaint to FDT (Federal Trade Commission).

Block the sender: Most email servers including Yahoo & Gmail allow users to block emails from unwanted senders. Therefore, block the sender to ensure they don’t resend another scam to you.

Delete the email: Make certain that you delete the email so that you don’t accidentally click on the links.

What other ways are casino players scammed in the US?

Frauds might also email you pretending to be a bank or the IRS. The message can either be a warning or a gift notification.

In conclusion, always play at the top US online casinos to ensure all your personal and banking information is safe. Top casinos also come with reliable customer support. Forward the email to them to enquire the legitimacy, of the emails.

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