The Snow Globe Adventure at Mr Green Casino

Mr Green casino

Simply log in to your Mr Green players account and click on ‘Today’s Gift’ in the navigation bar. Proceed to shake the snow globe to reveal the gift waiting for you within.

Over the years, Mr Green casino has built a tradition of pushing their Christmas promotions earlier than other casinos.  This year was no different as Mr Green launched The Christmas Adventure promotion.

Players have several weeks to enjoy the the best online casino bonuses and offers this Christmas season.

Go for adventure at Mr Green casino

Are you ready to shake the snow globe and see what Mr Green has in store for you this Christmas?  Mr Green must be feeling quite generous this season – he is offering you 46 days of the best Christmas gifts to win.

Play at Mr Green this Christmas season and get away with your Free Spins, holidays, sports Free Bets, gadget gifts and cash prizes.

Stay smiling this Christmas with Mr Green casino and start the New Year with some extra cash in your pocket.

There is a new snow globe every day. Therefore, log in daily to your account and shake the globe until you reveal your special gift.

How to play the Snow Globe Adventure at Mr Green

  1. Log in to your Mr Green account before claiming the promotion.
  2. Ensure you have played your Welcome Bonus before you can use any of the daily bonuses.
  3. Shake the log to reveal the daily offers
  4. Lastly, opt-in to your offer and start playing or deposit to claim your offer.

Unlike all other years, this time you are required to opt-in to claim your offer.

In the previous years, one had to play a game or make a deposit to get the daily offers. Now you must select to opt-in.

What can I win in Mr Green’s Snow Globe Adventure?

You can expect to win:

  • Luxurious holidays
  • Exciting gadget goodies like the latest Go Pro Camera and iPhone
  • Cash rewards to play on any of your favourite casino games
  • Slot bonus spins on newest games in the casino
  • Free Sports Bets on the latest matches

Terms and conditions of the Snow Globe Adventure

  • Holiday and travel prizes will be given in form of a travel voucher
  • If the prize you have won is unavailable, Mr Green will find the most suitable replacement worth equal if not higher value.
  • You can decide to give up your physical prizes (gadgets and holidays) to claim a cash alternative worth 80% the total value.
  • Any raffles will be drawn within 72 hours of the competition

Please remember all the above terms. However, the most important rule is the – cash exchange.

For instance, if you win a trip to Macau and the total holiday is worth €12,000, you might consider taking €10000 in cash.

If you are in search of thrilling Christmas promotions and huge wins, take a visit to Mr Green casino.  He is ready for you with exciting bonuses, clever free spins and player programs.

You are not required to do a lot – just go to your Mr Green casino account and shake the snow globe to reveal your gift.

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