A top notch selection of online casinos with PayPal

There’s usually a heap of payment methods to choose from when playing casino online, but one of the very best ones is actually quite rare to find among gambling sites. We’re talking about PayPal which is the world’s most popular e-Wallet with more than 100 million users all around the globe.

This method is highly secure, has incredibly fast withdrawals and is very user friendly, making online casinos with PayPal very sought after. They can be hard to find though and that’s why we at casinowebsites.com are here to help you. We have created a PayPal casino list containing world class gambling sites offering this fantastic payment method. You’ll find this list below.

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Are these the best PayPal casinos online?

No matter if we’re talking about gambling sites, amusement parks or hamburgers the definition of what’s best will always be a subjective one. The above PayPal casino list does, however, truly reflect what we at casinowebsites.com consider to be the overall best PayPal casinos online.

So what do we base this on? We are passionate gamblers ourselves who have been working in the online casino field for nearly twenty years. Not only do we know what players appreciate and demand. We also know what gambling options that exist online as we constantly stay up to date with the industry to find quality casinos.

What makes a casino with PayPal deposits good?

As mentioned above this lies in the eye of the beholder as we all have different needs and expectations. In general there are, however, eight important factors that can either make or break a gambling experience. We have mentioned all of these factors below, highlighting what a casino with PayPal deposits should live up to for being considered a quality site.

Note that all of the operators included in our PayPal casino list handle all of these factors brilliantly. That’s why we consider them to be among the best.

Factor 1: High level of security
Safety should always be a number one priority when gambling online. It’s rare to find a PayPal casino that isn’t highly secure as PayPal are very strict to whom they offer their services to. To be sure that a site is safe it should, however, possess a license issued by the UK gambling commission.

Factor 2: Wide selection of games
For a PayPal casino to be good there should definitely be a nice variety of games that speak to all types of players. We’re talking about anything from video slots to table games, live casino products, scratch cards and virtual pokers. The casino should have at least a thousand different games and be working with many different game providers to ensure a great diversity.

Factor 3: Reachable customer service
It’s not 2010 anymore. These days a customer support should always be easy to reach no matter what time of the day it is. If the gambling site doesn’t have a 24/7 hour service on live chat it’s probably not that good of a PayPal casino.

Factor 4: Easy site navigation
This seems like a no brainer, but for some reason some gambling sites just can’t make it right. We have for instance experienced casinos with PayPal where the support is hidden and really hard to find. Whether we’re looking for help, to play a certain type of game or to withdraw our funds, we should never have to work for it. Navigation should always be made easy.

Factor 5: Fast processing of withdrawals
Having to wait for several days to have a withdrawal processed might have been the standard 15 years ago. Today this doesn’t cut it. A casino site offering PayPal should at least have withdrawals processed within 24 hours to be considered a quality one.

Factor 6: Flawless mobile experience
Playing casino from a mobile device is much more common than playing from a desktop computer. A good PayPal casino should therefore provide a flawless casino experience through smartphones and tablets. We’re not only talking about having their website adapted to mobile devices, but also about having mobile apps developed that can be downloaded for an even smoother experience.

Factor 7: Valuable welcome bonus
To get the best possible start playing casino there’s nothing that beats a valuable welcome bonus as this could greatly increase your chances of making a profitable withdrawal. Now this factor may not be a deciding one when choosing an operator, but in our opinion a good casino with PayPal should definitely have an attractive welcome offer.

Factor 8: Frequent bonus offers
Much more important than the welcome bonus is what other offers one can expect to find. Bonuses are the best tools that we as players have to better our chances of winning. New offers launched on a regular basis should therefore be synonymous with a good PayPal casino.

As we previously mentioned, all operators included in our PayPal casino list live up to all of the above factors. They’re secure; have a huge amount of games; a customer support that can always be reached; easy site navigation; withdrawals processed within 24 hours; great mobile apps; very valuable welcome offers and frequently run new promotions.

Why should I choose a PayPal casino?

The obvious answer to this is of course that they offer PayPal as a payment method. But what is it that makes PayPal such a good alternative to use? Why is it better than credit cards? There are many reasons, such as improved security, better reliability and faster withdrawal times.

Improved security
On the contrary to credit card deposits where you have to provide the casino with your card details, you never have to share any sensitive information with them when using PayPal. The whole process takes place on PayPal’s website where you’ll make a deposit using funds on your account or from a linked credit card. To get a better understanding of this and why PayPal is a superior alternative in terms of security, we have thoroughly described the deposit process further down on the page.

Better reliability
For the most part it’s no problem depositing with a credit card, but every now and then it happens that the deposit gets stuck or even lost during the transfer process. This can cause a lot of frustration as it could take days to have the issue resolved. Playing at a PayPal casino and using PayPal you never have to worry about this. We have never heard of a problem in the transfer process between PayPal and the casino. The method is incredibly reliable.

Faster withdrawal times
While credit card withdrawals have a transaction time of 2 – 5 bank days, withdrawing your funds to PayPal is instant. This means that as soon as the PayPal casino have processed your cash out you will receive the money to your PayPal account. From there you can either choose to spend your winnings on any of the thousand merchants that accept PayPal online or withdraw them from an ATM by getting a prepaid PayPal card.

How do I make a PayPal deposit at online casinos?

First of all you need to create a PayPal account. It’s a common sign up process that will ask for your first and last name, home address and e-mail. Make sure that you provide accurate information. Not only do you have to verify your account through an e-mail sent to you, but PayPal is basically a bank account so it’s crucial that you provide the correct details.

Once your PayPal account is verified, the next step is to link a bank account to it. You won’t be able to make use of PayPal before this is done. It’s a simple process, but it unfortunately takes a bit of time.

You’ll need to enter your banking details which PayPal will then use to send you a small amount of money. This sum needs to be typed in on your PayPal account to verify the link to your bank. As mentioned it’s not a difficult process, but receiving the money can take up to 48 hours.

When the linking is done, you can either use your bank to fund your PayPal account or choose to link a credit card to it as well. We recommend linking a card. This is instantly done by just typing in all of the card details. For it to work the card does, however, have to be issued in the same name as the name you’ve created your PayPal account in.

Now to the actual process of making a PayPal deposit at your online casino

When depositing with PayPal all you have to do is to visit the cashier at the gambling site and choose PayPal as a method. After entering the amount you would like to deposit you’ll be taken to the website of PayPal where you’ll have to log in to your PayPal account. Once you’ve done this you’ll be asked how you’d like to fund your online casino account.

You can either fund it by using money that you already have lying around on your PayPal account or use a credit card which you have linked to it. All the details from this card are already saved which means that you don’t have to provide any information to the gambling site. Just choose the card and confirm the transaction with a simple click and your account at the PayPal casino will be instantly funded.

Why don’t more casino sites offer PayPal?

If you’ve been visiting and playing at many different online casinos it won’t come as a chock to you that PayPal is rarely available. It may seem strange as it’s a fantastic method that many players are looking for. So why don’t more casino sites offer PayPal?

The answer is that PayPal is incredibly strict in who they allow their services to, especially when it comes to online gambling. They’re definitely not the biggest fans of this and we understand them as there unfortunately are some fishy operators out there giving the industry a bad name.

For PayPal to accept a casino as one of their partners the products at the gambling site may only be offered in regulated jurisdictions where a valid license is held. Not only that, but the casino must also prove that they are able to prevent players from unregulated jurisdictions playing their games.

As the most popular payment platform online, having more than 244 million registered users, PayPal are very concerned about the merchants using their services. They’ll make sure that a casino is a secure and high quality one before working with them. Even if you’re not interested in the payment method, this is a good reason for choosing a casino site offering PayPal.

What currencies are accepted by PayPal?
When creating your PayPal account the following currencies can be chosen:

Australian Dollar (AUD) British Pound (GBP) Canadian Dollar (CAD) Czech Koruna (CZK)
Danish Krone (DKK) Euro (EUR) Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Indian Rupee (INR) Israeli New Shekel (ILS) Japanese Yen (JPY) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Mexican Peso (MXN) Norwegian Krone (NOK) New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Polish Zloty (PLN) Russian Ruble (RUB) Singapore Dollar (SGD) Swedish Krone (SEK)
Swiss Franc (CHF) Philippine Peso (PHP) Thai Bath (THB) United States Dollar (USD)


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Are PayPal casinos mobile friendly?

This can vary from one gambling site to another, but in general PayPal casinos and mobile go hand in hand. If you want to be sure that you get a first class mobile experience just pick one of the sites that we have listed at the top of the page. These all have a really neat app developed that can be used for any smartphone and tablet device.

How long does it take for online casinos to process PayPal withdrawals?

This also varies from one site to another, but if you choose any of the ones in our PayPal casino list they’re almost always handled within 24 hours. In other words, if you’re cashing out to PayPal you rarely have to wait more than a day to receive your winnings.

Do online casinos with PayPal also allow withdrawals to PayPal?

Of course! The matter of fact is that if you’ve deposited using PayPal you would be required to also use PayPal as a withdrawal method.

Can I deposit to the casino using a credit card and then withdraw with PayPal?

Usually not. The majority, if not all PayPal casinos have a strict policy that cash outs must be made to the same payment method as the deposit originated from. This is known as closing the loop and is an anti-money laundering process which regulators demand that casinos follow.

Can anyone use PayPal at a PayPal casino?

Unfortunately not. Some countries like Egypt and India have harsh restrictions that make PayPal deposits to online casinos impossible. In addition to this, the gambling sites themselves may also restrict (for whatever reasons they have) some countries from using PayPal. As a UK resident you never have to worry though as the method will always be available to you if offered by the casino.

Are there any good alternatives to using PayPal?

If you can’t use PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are both legit alternatives. These are also e-Wallets and work in a very similar way to PayPal. They are secure, easy to use and have very fast withdrawal times. The majority of online casinos also support these methods which can be a big plus.

What happens if my currency is not supported by PayPal?

That’s no problem. You can still use the e-Wallet by just creating your account in any other currency such as USD, EUR or GBP. It is, however, important to know that you’ll be charged a fee for currency conversion when making your transactions.

Are there any fees for making casino payments with PayPal?

As far as we know there is no casino with PayPal that takes a fee for making a deposit. As mentioned above, fees may, however, occur within PayPal itself if transfers that are made come with a currency conversion.

Are there any fees on casino withdrawals to PayPal?

Not from the casino itself. These days it’s quite rare to find gambling sites that take a fee for making withdrawals. They do exist, but these operators are usually bad ones whereas the majority of PayPal casinos online are of high quality. PayPal themselves do, however, charge a fee of 1.9% – 3.4% of the amount you cash out from a gambling site.

What’s the minimum amount for depositing with PayPal?

This can vary from one gambling site to another, but it’s quite common that the minimum deposit is set at £10. It’s rarely higher than £20.

What’s the minimum amount for withdrawing with PayPal?

Usually it’s the same as the deposit limit; in other words £10 or £20.