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As the world evolves so does the way that we spend money and at the very forefront of technology we find the so called decentralized cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. While many are still unaware of the potential that this innovative currency holds, others are using it more and more in their daily lives with gambling being no exception.

Even though it’s quite difficult to find a high quality Bitcoin casino UK, there is an increasing number of gambling sites that are supporting this highly modern payment method. To guide you to the very best ones we at have carefully searched the net for legit Bitcoin casinos offering a great gambling experience. You can find these fantastic sites conveniently listed below.

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What makes these UK Bitcoin casinos so good?

To put it simple, they provide an overall amazing gambling experience where you’re able to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoins. The definition of a good casino experience can of course be interpreted differently from one thrill seeker to another. However, in general there are certain things that we as players look for when we’re on the hunt for a UK Bitcoin casino, or a casino offering any other payment method for that matter. These things are the following ones:

– A gambling license from a renowned regulator guaranteeing the security of the gambling site.
– A huge selection of casino games with many different products and game developers supported.
– A friendly customer support that is available to help around the clock on live chat and e-mail.
– Withdrawals processed in a timely manner by the casino so that we receive our winnings quickly.
– A valuable welcome bonus that will boost our winning chances on the first deposit we make.
– Other promotional casino offers released on a regular basis to give us as much value as possible.
– Flawless mobile adaption so that we can enjoy smooth gambling from our smartphones and tablets.

Among the UK Bitcoin casinos that we have found when thoroughly searching the net, the ones that we have listed are those living up to the above factors the best.

How do I deposit and withdraw using Bitcoins at casinos online?

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with cryptocurrencies, depositing and withdrawing Bitcoins at casinos online is quite a simple process. Being new to the payment method it can, however, take a bit of time to understand how Bitcoins work as they’re very different from the fiat currency that we use on a daily basis. With the below four topics we have explored this more thoroughly and given you a better idea of how you deposit and withdraw using Bitcoins at casinos online.

A short introduction to what Bitcoins actually are

In difference to pounds, dollars or euros, Bitcoins aren’t controlled by a single institution such as a government or central bank. It’s a decentralized currency that operates on modern blockchain technology and has an open source code. It also has a limited supply which means that it’s not affected by inflation.

Being a fully virtual currency you can’t ever touch Bitcoins with your bare hands. It doesn’t exist in paper or silver coins and never will. All transactions with it are made online and run on a global peer to peer network that guarantees their security. The transactions are super safe, cheap and incredibly fast no matter where in the world the Bitcoins are sent to or received from.

To get an even better understanding of the currency, the below video explains the basics of Bitcoins very well:

Getting started with Bitcoins

As a first step of using Bitcoins to deposit at casinos online you have to acquire the currency and then store it somewhere. Setting up your storage unit is recommended as a first priority. There are many ways to do this. You could either create a so called web wallet, store your Bitcoins using a mobile or desktop software or order a hardware wallet in the form of a USB. Our suggestion is that you research these options carefully as they come with their own pros and cons.

Once you have your storage unit set up, the easiest way of getting your Bitcoins is to visit one of many exchange sites that operate online and simply buy some for your fiat currency. There are many ways that you can do this as well, with some options being much easier than others. It is for instance quite a simple and fast process to buy Bitcoins using Paysafecards.

Should you prefer using a debit card or making a bank transfer to get your Bitcoins this is of course possible as well. This is actually how most people prefer getting the currency. This may, however, cause some inconvenience at first as you may have to go through a long sign up process with some ID and other verification needed.

No matter how you decide getting your Bitcoins these should always be transferred to your wallet as this is the safest way to store them. We may have given you the impression that this is the only place you could keep them. When using exchange sites online you can, however, often store them here as well. This should only be done if you’d like to sell some of your Bitcoins as even though unlikely it has happened that exchange sites have been hacked. Falling victim to such attacks is much harder and even impossible (depending on what method you use) when your coins are stored in a wallet.

Transferring Bitcoins is very simple. You will find that your wallet has a unique address and to deposit your coins into it all you have to do is to provide this address at the exchange site or wherever you’re transferring from.

The actual depositing of Bitcoins to your UK Bitcoin casino

While getting started with Bitcoins isn’t necessarily the easiest process in the world, it’s smooth sailing once you’re up and running. Making the deposit to your UK Bitcoin casino all you have to do is to follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the cashier at the gambling site and choose Bitcoin as a deposit method.2. Unlike other payment solutions you don’t have to enter any amount that you would like to fund your casino account with. Instead you will receive an address that your preferred amount of Bitcoins needs to be transferred to. Usually this address will appear in text as well as a scannable code for convenience.
  2. Access the wallet where you have your Bitcoins stored and make the transaction to the address provided by the gambling site.
  3. That’s it! Your casino account will now be funded as soon as the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain network. This usually happens within 30 minutes.

Withdrawing your Bitcoins from UK casinos

When it’s time to withdraw your casino winnings, cashing out your Bitcoins is an even easier process than depositing them. All you have to do is to follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the cash out section at the casino and choose Bitcoin as your preferred withdrawal method.
  2. Type in the amount you would like to cash out.
  3. Enter the address which you’d like to receive the Bitcoins too (your wallet).
  4. That’s it! Now all you have to do is to wait for the gambling site to process your withdrawal.

Pros and cons of using Bitcoins to play casino

Being such a different option to other payment methods offered by gambling sites, using Bitcoins to play casino comes with a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. We have summarized the most important of these pros and cons in the list below and then explained them more thoroughly underneath.

+ Very secure
Fast withdrawals
+ No banks involved
+ Games can be proven fair
+ You can play anywhere in the world
Deposits aren’t instant
The value of Bitcoin is quite volatile
Difficult to get into as a beginner
You will experience some fees

A thorough explanation of the advantages of using Bitcoins at casinos

+ No banks involved

The reason that most people turn to Bitcoins as a way to fund their gambling is the same as the reason they use the currency for many other services as well. It’s a decentralized currency that no bank or government can ever control.

Without getting too political there’s a growing discussion about how the fiat currency that we use today is being handled. People are questioning the way banks can print any amount of money themselves which is leading to the inflation and devaluation of the currency that we constantly experience.

With Bitcoin this is impossible to happen as there is a limited amount of the coins. Nothing more than this limit can ever be created. So for many thrill seekers the biggest advantage of using Bitcoins at casinos is to revolt against the current monetary system and change it into something better.

+ Very secure

Unlike many other payment methods you never have to share any sensitive details using Bitcoins to deposit at casinos. The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to share any details at all. The entire transaction takes place from your Bitcoin wallet where all you have to do is to enter the casino’s Bitcoin address. As long as you make sure that you are fully protected when accessing your wallet this is as safe as it can get to deposit.

+ Games can be proven fair

Another aspect of the high level of security that Bitcoins can provide to a casino experience is that the games offered can sometimes be proven to be 100% fair. Playing at a traditional and licensed gambling site you shouldn’t ever have to worry that the games could be rigged. They are overseen by several independent entities and it would be a huge shocker if there was a crack in the regulation. Also, casinos don’t really have to rig any games to benefit from them as they’re already in their favor.

With all of this being said, you can’t really test if the games are as fair as most casinos claim them to be. You have to take their word for it. With Bitcoins it’s different – at least so if you’re playing at a so called provably fair Bitcoin casino. Using the blockchain technology on the games these sites allow you to verify the fairness of them in real time. We have explained this more thoroughly in a FAQ about Bitcoin casinos found further down on the page.

+ You can play anywhere in the world

As long as the gambling site allows it, a big advantage of using Bitcoins to play casino games is that no one can stop you from it. Even though online gambling is legalized in big parts of the world, there are still many areas where you aren’t allowed to do it and could have transactions made by debit cards blocked. This won’t happen with Bitcoins as no one is controlling the currency. In addition it’s quite difficult for someone to trace Bitcoin transactions that you make back to you.

With the above being said, it’s important to know that the gambling sites that we recommend and many other Bitcoin casinos that you’ll find online are licensed and strictly regulated. Under this regulation they are required to follow certain laws which means that they have to block players from countries where gambling isn’t allowed. In such a case using Bitcoins at the casino won’t help if you’re playing from a restricted area.

There are plenty of Bitcoin casinos that aren’t that strictly regulated though that you could play at. With these it is, however, important that you’re very wary about them as not being carefully overseen could mean that they’re a lot less secure. Be sure to check that the games can be provably fair and that the gambling site has a good reputation.

+ Fast withdrawals

As a final benefit of using Bitcoins to play casino you’ll find that the withdrawal times are very fast. As soon as the gambling site has confirmed your cash out you will receive your Bitcoins to your wallet as fast as the blockchain allows it. This time can vary from one transaction to another as it’s affected by the current load on the chain, but usually it means receiving your Bitcoins within 30 minutes.

The downsides of using Bitcoins at casinos in the UK

– Difficult to get into as a beginner

One of the downsides with Bitcoins is that it isn’t a very user friendly method. Sure, when everything is set up depositing and withdrawing is super easy, but for many players getting to this point is too much of a hustle. It isn’t rocket science, but to use the currency safely you have to study it a bit, set up a wallet and then visit an exchange site to trade fiat money into Bitcoins; a process that may require going through verification. In comparison, setting up an e-Wallet like Skrill or PayPal or just using a debit card to deposit is a thousand times easier.

– The value of Bitcoin is quite volatile

As much as it can be inconvenient getting started with Bitcoins, that downside is nothing compared to the value of the currency being quite volatile. This is by far the biggest drawback with using Bitcoins at UK casinos or using them for any other service for that matter. Ironically though this could also act as a huge benefit to you depending on how the trends swing.

To give you a better understanding of what we’re talking about, there are occasions where the price of Bitcoins has more than tripled in value in a few months. This is great, but there are also occasions where the currency has lost half of its price in an even shorter period of time.

Even though these fluctuations are extreme, the value of Bitcoin is constantly changing which makes the currency unreliable. You may be winning big at the casino just to find out that the currency just took a big hit and therefore you didn’t make any real profit at all.

Maybe you’ll get your money back, maybe you don’t. Bitcoins have survived for a long time and it is growing in popularity, but no one knows what the future of it holds. There are a lot of speculations though.

– Deposits aren’t instant

Another downside with using Bitcoins at online casinos is that deposits aren’t instant. This is not that big of a deal though as transactions are usually completed within 30 minutes. It’s not quite as convenient as getting your casino account funded straightaway as the case is with most other payment methods, but it isn’t the end of the world.

– You will experience some fees

In addition to deposits not being instantaneous a tiny drawback of Bitcoins is that the transactions always come with a fee. This is overlooked by many as the amount is a very small one – usually around £0.2.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoins and Bitcoin casinos in the UK

Will I find the same games with Bitcoin casinos as with traditional ones?
Generally speaking you will, but as every casino is unique the selection of games you’ll find will of course vary. You should know that many Bitcoin casinos are nothing but traditional gambling sites that have decided to add the cryptocurrency to their supported payment methods.

Do UK Bitcoin casinos offer other payment methods than Bitcoins?
They usually do and if they have a gambling license issued by the UK Gambling Commission you can almost always count on it. The most common payment methods, such as debit cards, cash vouchers and e-Wallets are normally available. With this being said, there are gambling sites which are purely Bitcoin oriented as well, only allowing you to play casino with Bitcoins.

Will I be able to use bonuses when depositing with Bitcoins?
This depends on what type of casino you’re playing at. If it’s a purely Bitcoin oriented one you most definitely will. If it isn’t you will be able at some and at some you won’t. It all depends on how well adapted the casino is to the currency. Most sites will, however, have something in store for you.

Are Bitcoin casinos safe to play at?
Some are and some aren’t. We always recommend playing at a site licensed by a respected regulator such as the UK Gambling Commission. If it is you can always be sure that it’s 100% secure. Should you consider playing at a gambling site that isn’t licensed or licensed by a regulator that isn’t as reputed, such as Curacao, our suggestion is that you make sure the games can be provably fair.

What does provably fair mean?
It means that the games provided by the Bitcoin casino run on blockchain technology which makes it possible to mathematically verify the fairness of them. It works like this:

1. The Bitcoin casino creates a seed number for your game round.

  1. This number is turned into a secret code (a hash) and sent to you.
  2. As the game round takes place you will also add a seed number to it.
  3. When the round is over you’ll receive the seed number that the casino used.
  4. This number can be hashed by you to see if it turns into the same hash that was given to you.
  5. If it does everything is fine. You can be sure that the game round was played fairly.
  6. If the hash is different though you know that the casino changed the seed and cheated.

    Are all Bitcoin casinos in the UK provably fair?
    No, far from. Most do, however, prove that their games are fair by having them controlled and certified by an independent testing agency such as eCOGRA.

Will I encounter any fee depositing with Bitcoins at casinos online?
You will, but only a very small one at around £0.2. This is not a fee that the casinos themselves are charging, but a blockchain fee that is always included when transactions are made with Bitcoins.

What’s the minimum and maximum amount I can deposit with Bitcoins?
This can be very different from one gambling site to another, but to give you an example some Bitcoin casinos have a minimum deposit of 0.0001 BTC and a maximum one of 40 BTC.

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