How Can You Take Advantage of Online Casinos?

advantage of online casinos

Online casino players have won huge cash amounts and prizes even turned millionaires overnight. But there are more advantages to this new gambling trend.

Millions of punters around the world log into their online casino accounts every day and play for either fun or money. So, what draws all these gambling hopefuls from all over the world?


Why should you join an online casino?

Play for free

Do you know that you can play many of your favourite online casino games for free?  Most major online casinos will offer you a free play version of some of their games. This means you will enjoy your best games completely risk-free. If you’re just a beginner, you can use free games to sharpen your skills and understand the basics of gambling.

It is rare, even impossible to find a free game on a land-based casino. And if you find one, you will most probably be required to spend money on the house by buying a drink or a meal.

Wide selection of games

It is only in online casinos that you will find hundreds, even thousands of games so easily accessible. While land-based casinos require you to physically move from one game room to another, all games in online casinos are just a swipe away.

Get your fingers on a device and have fun on all types of games; from slots, live games, poker and bingo. Nowadays, there is a game for almost every theme; rock stars, actors, comic books, movies, historic wars, e.t.c. – And you can access them anytime and anywhere you like.

Win big prizes and cash

Many people have gotten away with life-changing casino wins. Never doubt that it is possible for a person to gamble and win millions instantly. On online casinos, you find the best RTP (return to player), which significantly increases your winnings.

As is the case with professional poker players like NerverfoldQ5 of Germany, or Joy Heywood – the man holding the record for the biggest win on an online slot.

Things you can win:

  • Exotic luxury cruises for free
  • Expensive flight tickets to adventurous destinations
  • Raffle tickets to a draw
  • Other sophisticated gifts and prizes like sports cars, phones, laptops and gaming devices

VIP Program and other bonuses

No land-based casino will offer you as many bonuses as online casinos. Playing online comes with special offers and promotions. For instance:

As a new player, you are entitled to a welcome bonus. Go on making deposits and you receive even more bonuses.

If you become a high-roller or a regular player, you get upgraded to VIP status. VIP programs come with special treatment, super reliable customer support and even bigger bonuses.

Learn different table game rules

Online casinos can also be called the ‘school of gambling.’ The more you play, the more you learn about casino etiquette, tricks and hacks. Once you master the games, proceed to live casinos, for a chance to show off your skills and interact with a live dealer and other players.



Serve yourself to adventures and wild times by joining an online casino today. There are new games every day, with all kind of exciting themes, promotions and bonuses. You never know, you might be just a card combination, a slot spin or a roulette table away from millions.


Now it is time to take advantage of online casinos! Choose one of the best online casinos and start playing!

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DEPOSIT & PLAY £25/£100/£200 & GET 25/100/200 CASH SPINS

Betsson casino is without a doubt one, if not the one, leaders within online casino. No other casino brand offers this large range of slots, table games together with massive promotions. With Betsson - you can´t go wrong! - T&Cs Apply

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